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Help Me Choose Supplements

Hey guys/girls Ive been out of the supplement game for a while (since you could buy MAG-10). Ive started training again and am back to looking at supplements for weight loss. My background is 6 years weight training with about 2.5 years off; in which Ive accumulated considerable body fat. Its been a rough 2.5 years to say the least…

Anyways, as I stand now I’m 6’4" 26 yrs old, 285lbs @ 29%bf, started training a few weeks ago, beginning at 290/30%. I think I’ve got my diet pretty much dialed in so I’m starting to look at supplements.

Right now I only use protein powder/glutamine because Im on a limited budget. Im looking to drop the fat. I’ve tried HOT-ROX in the past and got the jitters/anxiety from it, so that’s out of the question. I am on a very limited budget so the protein/glutamine and one, maybe two other supplements are all I can afford right now.

What would you use if you were trying to cut the fat while trying to maintain as much muscle as possible keeping the limited budget in mind? Im looking at se7en, Carbolin 19, Alpha Male and BCAAs; in that order. I realize they all aren’t really geared toward weight loss, but I also want to maximize muscle retention.

Any recommendations?

Lastly, Ive had real issues with tendonitis in my forearms/elbows in the past. However, so far so good -knock on wood-. Has anyone used Flameout specifically for tendonitis with good results?


If not going with HRX Id go with the Alpha Male as it has a full serving of Carbolin 19-19 in it