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Help Me Choose A New Program


Yes, I know many of you are fraught with anger over another thread like this, but bear with me.

Well the rugby season has just ended and it's time to try and put on some weight. I've got the eating and sleeping part down pretty good, but I'm unsure which workout routine I should take on for the next 3.5 months!

Now I usually just design my own based on...well whatever I think I need to focus on, but now I think I'd like to use some programs that were designed by professionals.

I've been considering WS4SB 3 and I've just finished deciphering the pdf version of it, but I'm unsure if it's the best for me. My position in rugby while still requiring agility and speed, does not feature either. I basically jog around and tackle people and occasionally bust out the old speed legs. This is where my concern over the latest sissyboy comes in.

If I'm not going to be overly using any "athletic" attributes during the season should I waste my time doing the "dynamic effort" movements featured in the latest ws4sb? I know they would be valuable and beneficial regardless, but I'm torn over whether or not they would be the best use of what little time I do have for the gym.

I wouldn't say I have a main goal as all of my goals are equally important, but I'd like to put on lean weight and get stronger(original, right?). Right now I'm about 5'10ish and 215ish. I do suppose that if I had to choose one area that I would like to focus on it would be legs. My deadlift and bench are very respectable(I think) but my squat is no where near where it should be considering by body weight, size of my thighs along with my performance in the other major lifts.

So, if some of you physically educated persons could take a stab at recommending me programs or possibly linking me to some pages in order to further in your assistance, it would be greatly appreciated.





Are those programs legit or are they just some over stuff crap that seems to run with the animalpak joke?

Anyone else have any ideas for me?



If youre not using your "athletic" attributes in the off season, then why wouldnt you want to continue to practice those? If you are an athlete, how is developing any further level of athleticism a waste of time?

WS4SB is a good way to go for most athletes. DeFranco knows his stuff.




uh, there are a lot of routines on there from badasses like frank mcgrath and the house, so ya, i'd say that site is legit.


What's the best way to go about setting up a ws4sb routine? Should I stick with the same exercises for say two weeks then switch it up? I'll try searching but help is appreciated.


"McDonald's and Curls" dude. Look up the thread, I designed the program myself.


Rotate your ME lifts every week to avoid burnout and keep your assistance lifts as long as you are progressing with them and they are helping you get stronger on your ME lifts.