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Help Me Choose a Magazine


I subscribe to two fitness mags (Iron Man & Men's Fitness) and one political mag (Reason). I want one more, something different. What do you suggest? I like science and tech, have an interest in military stuff, and I'm always into trivia/odd stuff.



You'll need all the hardcopy porn you can get if the internet ever crashes. It will become currency.


Fast Company or Inc.

Great for people that are at all interested/involved in the world of business.


You can get some great prices on slickdeals.com if you check back every so often. I got a 3 year subscription to Flex for $15 (need the contest coverage). The only other mags I actually read is Natural BBing and Fitness (4x a year), Animation, and Psychology Today (but I pick those up as the articles catch my interest).



I get Discover Magazine, It's science and it's pretty good. I don't have other science mags to compare it to but I enjoy reading it every month.



MuscleMag International... only because of my illustrations in it.


I love Wired, great articles keeps me on the tech pulse. I also subscribe to Natgeo.


Thanks guys! TC, I know you're a devourer of periodicals, what are some of your favs? How about some really unusual mags? Can anyone tell me how Discovery compares to Popular Science?


The Economist. The website should give you a sense if it is what you are looking for. Great writing and insight and a broad range of topics.


There's always this old classic...


ZOO mag is the best mag on earth, it has super hot chicks, really funny man jokes, man related stuff like articles about weapons, wars, mafias etc, so fucking good. its easy to read and just fucking quality


This is an awesome post. I just wanted you to know that since no one else wanted to point it out.


Porn as currency, I could get used to that. We'd spend more time looking at our money, I mean the eyeball atop the pyramid is interesting and all, but I only notice it a few times a year.


Mental Floss.

Popular Science or Mechanics.





Its got some really cool stuff in it you can build yourself or expand upon in your own direction.

I won't deny usually at least one article every issue is quite girly if not more. But the concepts and ideas can be used for some really manly things to like furniture design, fashion design, and lighting design (all of which are male dominated industries)

Otherwise I'd go with the classic: National Geographic. You just can't go wrong with National Geographic and can always donate them to a school as they get older.

Oh or a good culinary magazine is always nice to have.


I second Mental Floss, especially since you said this:

"I'm always into trivia/odd stuff."


You're too good to me, Nate.

Make sure its a cheap Hustler knock-off like Club or Swank. The girls aren't as hot and the guys dicks aren't as big, it will make you feel like a stud.


You'll love Skeptic.

Think Reason crossed with Scientific American.



Don't know if it's still around, or if they're all this good seeing as I only read one copy in a dentists office in like 2004, but my vote goes to WIRED. The one issue I read had an article on the flying car and one about a logging tycoon in the Pac NW who'd been blind since his late teens who was the first person to get artificial sight by glasses that plugged into his head like Johnny mnuemonic.

That particular piece was ridiculously fascinating. Now that I think about it, if it is still around I'm subscribing to it.