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Help Me Catch the Bitch!


Recently, at the gym I work at, there have been a rash of thefts.
I keep telling people to lock there stuff up but shit still seems to get stolen. Almost all of it is in the women's locker room..the cheap stuff being hand creams, makeup, glasses, shoes with the more expensive stuff being watches and I Pods.
Outside of getting everybody to lock their stuff up I was thinking about getting some kinda fake rolex watch with a tracking device/bug in it. I would have my girlfriend plant the watch in her bag and then leave a sensor up at the front desk. So when the bitch tries to leave with the stolen goods, the buzzer goes off and we catch her ass!
The only problem I have is, does shit like that really exist, and if so, where do I get it?


Call up Tom Cruise and get a Mission Impossible-like idea from him?



I have banned that scumbag!!!


Just set up a camera on something semi-valuable that's capable of running for about an hour or two. Cover it with clothing and other items so it's not noticeable. Assuming that the room it's in has a fair amount of stuff in it, it's unlikely the thief would notice it. Check the tape once it's done, rewind, and start taping again.

It works quite well, specially if the thief's stealing stuff regularly.


Yes definitely. A little camera will be cheaper and more effective, just maybe put up a sign, dont wanna get sued for having a camera in the womens locker room...


Eeeechh.. Gotta disagree here, guys. The place is a women's locker room and you are suggesting a camera???? Sign or no sign, any evidence you might obtain would probably be thrown out in court because of the area it was filmed in (reasonable expectation of privacy and all that). And being public knowledge, any other women who are members might feel "traumatized" and try to sue. Wouldn't matter if they were on the film or not, but you know how this goes in the good ol' litigious US of A.

Your original idea was a good one and the technology is fairly simple and not too hard to come by if you know where to shop; retail stores have had it for decades. If an internet search doesn't turn up what you need, try calling your local law enforcement's misdemeanor crime division (in fact, do this regardless) and tell them of your situation and see what they think of your plan and whether or not it is feasible and/or what they would recommend as far as legality/prosecution.


a little hidden camera in the womans changeroom is also illegal i believe :wink:


Ehh.. if you make a public announcement that there is one, then technically its legal. But I bet once they hear it, they'll say thats illeagle, and since its a place where privacy is assummed, they'll win.
Eh, yeah, illegal I guess. haha

You could just have your girlfriend hide in a locker, and when the theif opens it she can kick that bitch in the jugular.


Why isn't it common sense to lock up your shit? I don't understand how you grow up without that being number one on my "list of how to handle my shit when left unattended for hours on end".


Depending on how hog wild you want to get, an antishoplifting system is supposed to cost several thousand dollars. Just slip a radio tag in there, and you're good to go!
Perhaps not.




I believe he is referring to Tom Cruise.


Leave a camera in there without telling anyone. Just use it to find who is stealing.

The next time this asshole comes back, have watch her carefully and send a chick you're friends with in, to "accidently" find her stealing.


instead of a camera, how about leaving something typically where other stuff was stolen and rig it with a bear trap?


I was refering to Tom "I like dick" Cruise.
I like the bear trap idea.
Professor X,
I agree with you wholeheartedly but this is princeton I live in.
People here feel and overwhelming sense of entitlement not to have to lock their stuff up. One lady was quoted as saying "I shouldn't have to lock my stuff up...this is Princeton!"
Funny thing is that when I worked at a loading dock for a large store, I would say that 90% of the people they picked up for shoplifting weren't poor people but uppermiddle class.


People are dumb as shit. I remember hearing, "I can't believe this happened in Columbine!!" also.


Great, why not use claymores, or C4 or have some SAS in lockers with MP5 ready to take the thief down !


You may be on to something. Next time I park my car in a shady part of town I'll make sure to get a few SAS guys to hide in the back seat. LoL


You might want to analyze the times that this is happening and do some good old-fashioned detective work.

This will work well if you actually track when people arrive at the gym. At my gym I swipe in with my card every time I show up.

If thefts occur all hours of the day, during a day, you may want to consider whether it's possible a female staff member is doing this.

Anyway, barring all of that, slapping an RFID tag under the sole of a shoe or some other hidden area could work. You'd need detectors by the exit just like they have in stores though.

You could also cover objects in some type of invisible (and harmless) dye that turns your skin bright orange or something. Again, don't let your staff know or they'll just avoid it.

Whatever you do, don't listen to all the stupid, dangerous and illegal advice you are getting.


One old timer told me that on the oil rigs when they had someone that was stealing they would get a new pair of gloves and put caustic soda in them. when they sweat it formed an acid and burned the guys hads. I doubt this would be a good idea if you work there though.

Edit: looked it up and its Sodium Hydroxide.