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Help Me Build My Diet

so i have just started meal prepping and im enjoying it. My only issue is im not sure what the best way to plan my meals is. I just went shopping and picked up all kinds of things i thought were healthy. I was hoping someone here would be intrigued and willing to help me design my meal plan. I will start with a list of what i bought please let me know what you think
I am 180 lbs 23 yrs of age and 25% bodyfat
Goal is to build muscle and burn fat
looking for a 7 day plan
Two 700lb bags of granola
two 2 litres of almond milk
12 eggs
Bunch of asparagus
green grapes
organic baby spinach
blueberrys, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries
small tomatoes
sweet red yams
organic mushrooms
And i have a big case of chicken breast.

I have protein powder also.

Any ideas?

your food choices are all really good (although granola? What are you - a hippy?) so just combine them in whatever way you choose and you’ll be fine.

Really, it’s easier to recommend a diet when you haven’t already bought the foods you’re going to be eating for the week, but seeing as that’s what you’ve got then that’s what you’ll eat.

I find it easier to write up a meal plan then buying the ingredients rather than buying a whole bunch of stuff then looking at how to fit it all in. That may make the process easier for you.

From what you have, you coild do
Granola crusted chicken with broccoli
Chicken with spinach avo salad plus yams
Granola and berries
Tomato fried in balsamic vinegar with wilted spinach ontop of grilled chicken ontop of grilled asparagus