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Help Me Break My Cutting Plateau!


Long time T Nation user, weekly reader, don’t post very often, usually only when i can’t find the advice I need.

Im on about the 7th week of a cut using CBL and i feel as if I’m hitting a wall. My goal is to lose about 5% BF and retain as much muscle as possible. Im 6’4", 245lbs (started at about 255) and about 13-14% BF. I train Mon-Fri, cardio 2-3 times a week for 15 mins post workout, and train Saturdays on lagging points (biceps,calves, rear delts, abs).

Diet is as follows:

9 am: Coffee, cream, coconut oil, 8 eggs whites, 1 whole egg, salsa.
11 am: Whey Shake, 2 tsp almond butter
2 pm: Large bowl of spring mix, chicken breast, cucumber, red pepper, balsamic vinegar
3 pm - Preworkout: 3g citrulline, 3 g creatine, Caffeine, 5g BCAA
5 pm - Postworkout: Whey shake, 3-4 rice cakes
6 pm - Chicken breast, 2 cups white rice, salsa, greek yogurt, hot sauce, sprinkle of shredded cheese
830 pm: 2 cups light & fit strawberry cheesecake greek yogurt (to satisfy my late night sweet tooth)

Adds up to about 250P/150C/70F

I recently spoke with a friend about this issue who is lean year round, and holds a ton of mass. He gave me his diet plan which is eating about 6 meals a day, 1-5 include oatmeal, sweet potato, or brown rice. Should I be eating more carbs/fats to ramp my metabolism? Any suggestions welcome


I think you should just straight up be eating more. If you’re at those macros then you’re 245 pounds eating 2200 calories. That seems super low. How were you eating before this cut? When I was dropping weight starting about 210 I didn’t go below 2500 calories a day.


I’m going to have to agree with this in order to keep my metabolism high.

Before this, I’ll be honest, I was eating like crap and my metabolism took a nosedive. I was a full-time student and i spent almost 12 hrs a day on school so I would go to my cafeteria for lunch and pay once but sit and do homework and eat for 3 hours, and that was the only time I would eat. I was just overwhelmed at school. I was always extremely lean and had a hard time putting on mass so now this whole dieting and fat-loss is a little new to me.

Im thinking I might add some extra carbs befoe my workout, such as a sweet potato?