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Help Me and My Lame DL


ive been stuck at 355 for a while. how the hell can i get to 405, thats all i want in life...i get up to 355 then kinda crash and go backwards...help


for this much info you have given us, we can surely say you have to do lots of tricep kickbacks...


All you want in life is to be able to deadlift 405? What do you weigh? If you want any advice from people on this forum we need videos, training information, injuries, diet, shoe size, eye color, etc. Give us more to go off of.


vid and more details and we got you
have you tried deadlifting for reps, rows, good mornings? do you have a weak squat (relatively speaking)? any injuries? what are your levers like? diet, frequency, form? just some things to think about.


tell everything


they actually helped my squat


Need more info.

What I can tell you from the info I have:

1) You need to be patient. If 355 is your 1RM then you need to be training with 225-335. It sounds like you have reached a plateau which means you aren't going to get anywhere if you just keep maxing with 355.

2) 405 is a good goal but you will go above and beyond that if you stick to a solid program and train diligently. I reccomend 5/3/1 because it's simple. A moron could do it.. and many have. That doesn't mean it's not effective.

3) Get a good belt, Learn proper form, When training make every rep count.


^ this


2 words for you: belt + chalk

this took my deadlift over the 400s


My two words of advice are: PULL HARDER.

Hope that helps.