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Help Me Analyze My Bloods - HRT Time?

Hi Guys,

I started a thread several months ago and was given great advice by you all to get updated bloods done that include thyroid and other key areas, as well as look into a speciality HRT clinic.

I have taken the advice of you good people and decided to use Balance My Hormones and Doctors Laboratory for my blood work. I am UK based.

I had my blood taken today, fasted, and here are my results. I will get my IGF-1 results shortly and will post them also.

I welcome your advice and kind assistance.

I am 6ft and 37 years old and symptoms I have are:

  • always feeling tired

  • achey

  • feeling down and grumpy

  • bad quality sleep (not deep sleep and tossing and turning). Even after 8 hours I don’t feel fully rested.

  • I get erections fine during sexual activity but don’t wake up with wood daily like I used to.

  • high body fat % despite eating 2800 calories, lifting 3 times a week and doing jiu jitsu 4 times a week. I am around 23%bf at 108kg (238lbs).

I have been lifting hard for 4 years and my big 3 1RMs are:
Squat 150kg (330lbs)
Deadlift 150kg (330lbs)
Bench 140kg (315lbs)

  • Please note I hurt my back a couple years ago so I have only been deadlifting around 5 months. My squat form was crap when I started and I now breaking parallel and am improving my form.

Thank you for taking the time to help me. I appreciate it!

P.S. Uric Acid got cutoff. My result was 240nmol/L on a scale of 266 to 474.

Your TT is 637.4 ng/dL
FT calculated is 10.5 ng/dL
bio available 279 ng/dL = 43.7 %

IMO you should look elsewhere for your symptoms.

Is your mean cell hemo at 333 a typo in the blood test?


You need TRT for the fact that you’re free T percentage is 1.75%, 2-3% is considered normal. I don’t start feeling good until I hit 2.5% Free T percentage. The reason why your free T is low is because you’re SHBG is grabbing on hard-nosed to your testosterone.

Don’t just listen to a guy on an internet forum, do your own research and verify what people are telling you.

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Thank you @systemlord and @hrdlvn for your advice.

I have used two different free T calculators online and have confirmed

Free T:
.364 nmol/L (10.49 ng/dL) 1.65%

Bio Available:
9.67 nmol/L (278.9 ng/dL). 43.7%

I am doing my own research and have a follow up call with Balance My Hormones today to discuss my results. I will update.

I know “normal range” is relative, but I can’t help but think that although my testosterone levels sit at 22.1 nmol/L (637ng/dL) I am sitting at the very low end of the normal range due to my high SHBG as systemlord pointed out. I am going to research what age group my results sit at.

Thank you and I welcome the opinion of others. People posting here have first hand experience and the doctors and firms I am using stand to make good money putting me on HRT so I want to get a well rounded perspective.

Just had a call with Balance My Hormones following my initial results.

They said I need to take a second test as my free t was borderline and their threshold is .3 versus my result of .36. My first test was fasted at 11am and they suggested I take the second test after food at around the same time as I don’t function in life fasted.

I have to say that because I feel so many symptoms of low t and my results don’t seem low enough to qualify, I am now getting concerned at what if something else is causing the symptoms as I feel I have exhausted the other options.

A second test is in the mail.

Any thoughts or advice is appreciated

You might have to take it upon yourself. I am in the UK as well and clinics here aren’t always the most helpful unless you have ridiculously low levels.

They tend to want to have you at the bottom of the ranges as well which isn’t always good. Your levels are already at the bottom / mid of the ranges so they are unlikely to help

My bad I didn’t account for albumin which can alter Free T percentage, prognosis is worse than originally thought.

It’s sad that most sick care doctors are so blind that they believe in range means you couldn’t possibly be experiencing symptoms, then when you realize doctors are trained to ignore symptoms are treat the reference ranges, it removes critical thinking and analytical thought to be able to be an effective doctor who can properly diagnose a testosterone deficiency.

Government controlled healthcare or those with HMO’s is among the worst.

Mid 30’s is the age range when our bodies do slow down a bit.
Some of our organs start to show some wear and tear from general life.
I would look into a complete thyroid panel (you have several of them done already) to see if you have what is called tired thyriod.
There are website deticated to this problem. They can help you with what tests and how to read them post test as well as the drugs used to boost the thyroid.

You might also look at your diet, exersize and sleep. All of these are a lot more important now that you are getting older.
If you do want to try and boost your T just to see if it helps look into clomid treatments and also HCG mono or with an AI.
If your balls are working and they your test show they are these treatments will increase your balls out put without all the crap a person on TRT has to deal with. Finding a good doctor who knows about these different treatments would really help you. You will have to go private since I am pretty sure your UK National Health won’t do these kinds of treatments.

@hrdlvn I go private anyways. I suspect my next set of bloods after food and later in the day will bring me in the range acceptable to the BMH, but I can’t help but wonder if I am trying to fool the system and maybe even fooling myself to get into the range that needs it.

I excersise and eat clean. I have noticed carbs make me more sleepy and lethargic. I often need naps after eating oats etc.

To be clear guys, can someone with the bloods above be feeling symptoms of low T and have them relieved by being in the normal range or am I so Within the normal range enough to where that isn’t the case?

I was in a similar position (albeit with lower t levels). My line of thinking is that it was worth giving TRT a try to see if it helps (it does for me, although I am still trying to dial in).

I always get annoyed when docs say to go away and get bloods later in the day so levels are lower, they should just treat the symptoms that you have. remember private clinics are better than NHS for TRT (which is not saying much) but they are still out there to make money and they usually make money from blood test referrals, consultations, perscriptions etc.


I forgot amI had more tests today. It is 4pm and I trained like a madman m. 1hr of strength conditioning and 1.5 hrs of jiu jitsu. All I ate all day is a 450 calorie shake first thing at 9:25 AM.

Tests were:

What impact will this have on my tests please?

I totally forgot till they rang my doorbell. The Doctors Laboratory here in London got some of my bloodwork mislabelled so they agreed to send someone to my home.

Thanks and I look forward to your guidance.