Help Me Add Carbs Properly

Hey Guys!

This is my second thread now. My first one was regarding my training and everyone here has been so helpful. I am in hopes you guys can give me a little help getting my diet optimized.

Long story short, I had hypoglycemia as a kid and carbs are truly the death of me. It doesn’t matter if they are fibrous, starchy complex, simple, etc. Any kind of carbs and I feel deathly lethargic, mentally clouded, bloated and suffer from sever and constant hunger pangs that last 24 hours a day. That said, years ago I found the anabolic diet and I never looked back. My body LOVES a high protein and high fat diet. I never feel better. I eat less than 40 or so grams of carbs a day and it comes from broccoli, green beans, etc. I do a carb up on Sundays that consist of brown rice, yams and plain oatmeal.

The problem is, it is hard to put on real size with a diet such as this and that is my goal. I need more size overall. I know that when I have carbs I am not only bigger due to more water retention within the cells but I am stronger in the gym therefore allowing me to move more volume and assist in growth. So I am at a crossroads I am hoping you guys can help me with. I have tried taking 75 grams of dextrose immediately PWO in the past and it was fine. I had no spill over and I never noticed myself “feeling” out of that mild state of keto. What do you guys think I can do to add some carbs into my diet that wont effect my issue with them? Should I stick with dextrose or do you think a different whole food should be used? What about eating some carbs pre workout but at just the right time so that they are utilized during training and not causing me problems. I’m open to any and all suggestions you guys might have. I am here to learn and am open minded to your advice’s.

Foods consumed are 96/4 lean beef, chicken, tuna, salmon, organic omega eggs, egg whites, olive oil, heavy cream, natural peanut butter, nuts, organic soy milk, fish oil/flax oil.

I’m 29
5’ 7"
170 lbs
Maint Cals - 2600
Eating - 3000+ (mostly all protein and EFA’s)
Body fat % I’m guessing 15

Truthfully I would think that should gain mass when having a calorie surplus, even if it is from mostly fats and proteins, especially with the refeed day…

Im also kind of surprised that you think your 15% Bf while being on a diet such as the anabolic diet… even with that calorie surplus.

How long have you been doing it?

Some other thoughts…

why soy milk, and not Almond?

Try cutting out that oatmeal on your refeed day, replacing it with some other non-wheat product.

Ever been tested for Celiac disease, or other gluten allergy?

The Anabolic Diet should stay the same just adjusting cals to what you’re goals are: cutting, maintaining or bulking. I haven’t read the book for 5 months now because I have followed the cutting cal intake at 13x BW, but I believe the bulking cal range was somewhere in the range of 18x BW.

I plan on adjusting Jan 1-Feb 28 and no longer staying in a 2400cal range (about 13x 180) to somewhere in the 3000cals (about 17x BW). Hopefully, allowing my body not to look “skinny” but still maintain low body fat and gain a little more size. Then cutting back to 2400cals for 2 months, repeat on/off pending on how my body reacts.

Let me know what you decide and how you’re body reacts, we seem somewhat similar.