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Help Me Achieve Weight Goal


look ill go down the line of details for your convenience
5 foot 10
16years old
goal weight: 187lbs
body fat percentage 16%(not too sure)

Workout routine: 6-12 reps, 4 sets, 3-4 exercises per muscle group
day 1: Chest/Tricep
bench, incline bench, peck deck, lying tricep extension, overhead tricep extension, kick backs
day 2: Back/Bicep
Pulldown, Bent over rows, One arm row, incline bicep curl, concentration curl, hammer curl
day 3: Legs
Squats, Lunges, Hamstring curls, calf raises
Day 4: Shoulders/Abs
shoulder press, lateral raise, rear delt raise, crunchs, reverse crunch, dumbbell windmill
Day 5: Rest day (this will be changed to possibly another legs day)

I em seeing that my upper body is getting bigger then my legs and i could do with some fat lose in the mid section
i do AFL(Australian Football League) on weekends so i a good cardio workout 3/7 days of the week
my calorie intake is around 3000 and im looking to drop to 2500-2000 to lose some fat before pushing the weight gains again
i have my body weights worth of protein
any tips or changes u may have to help my goal would be good
a realistic time frame would be nice aswell

ive been training for 1 year since i was 15 and gained 22lbs so far over a 10 month period
thank you
anymore detail i am fine to give just no photos
or measurements sorry, my lifts are Bench: 133lbs, Squat: 143lbs, Deadlift 176lbs, Shoulder press: 66lbs (all done in the rep range of 6-12)


Australian Football League*


Do you eat at all? Look into getting minimum 3,000 calories per day. Ever since I started to really buckle down on my diet I feel great in the gym and my strength gains are increasing at a great pace as well.

What does you diet look on a daily basis? How about on the weekend? You can't just eat

Monday:3,000 cal
Tuesday; 2,000cal
Wednesday; 1,800cal
Thursday 3,000cal

and expect to gain any weight. Have a look into this thread for programs to start with, we can then tailor it to your needs.



So you want to gain 20 lbs as your goal, but you are planning on dropping calories and going in the opposite direction of your goal??

This doesn't make any sense! Look, if you are active and running and lifting you do not have excess fat on your midsection, you have a shortage of muscle!! It is extremely hard for people to look "cut" when they are underweight.

So you are planning to sabotage 10 months of work towards your goal on a goal that will never happen because you are already underweight, thus wasting even more time and heading back the way you came.

Don't do it. Get on target and gain muscle. You do not need to cut calories.


OP - Good post! You included where you are currently and your goals, good job.

Edit: I saw some of your other posts and you've asked the same question several times now...


yeah ive posted about opinions on my weight routine
and my stats
not really on how to get to my goals since ive changed somethings around
my calorie intake goes around 2000-3000 everyday
with protein shakes
ive just ran out of protein supplement and out of money hahaha so pretty much i need some good foods to get into my system


during the off season of footy i did not do any cardio and focus'd completely on lifting
so i did gain some fat through this process
i am lacking a little bit of muscle in the midsection compared to my shoulders and chest but i do believe ive got a bit too much fat on me