Help Managing E2, Arimidex Dose

Hey. I’ve been on test p low dose mast proviron and arimidex for quite awhile.

Test dose has been around 250mg week. Mast 100mg week, proviron 25mg ED.

I got estro sides and did 1mg of adex for almost 2weeks and then went took a labtest.

10 pg/ml.

I then upped my test dosage to about 300mg week and swapped to 0,5mg arimidex ED and did another labtest 3weeks later.

Test was at >2000ng/dl (it was max level on this labtest so i dont know for sure)
E2 was at 13 pg/ml

Now i feel alot better at 13 than 10. Although i wanna hit at least 20.

Since i halved my adex dose and got a 30% increase in e2. I was thinking lowering dose to 0,25 ED might just make me climb to 17 pg/ml E2.

TL:DR: Should i go with 0,25 EoD or ED, im thinking 0,25 EoD or 0,125 ED might be better to reach 20+ pg/ml E2. 0,25 ED might be to high.

Atm i’m completely off adex for 3-4 days to stabilise on lower dose faster.

Any input would be greatly apritiated, ty

E2 at 10 is bad, 13 isn’t much better. You’re taking way, waaaaaay too much anastrozole. You don’t need it every day. Half life is ~3 days. You don’t need to cut the dosage, you need to cut the frequency. Taking .5mgs twice a week would be much better than trying to thread the needle and take smaller dosages ED. Out of curiosity what estro sides did you get before you started taking the anastrozole?

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Owch, how are your joints feeling at that level of E2? I’d dramatically reduce the AI dosage, drostanolone and mesterolone themselves seem to have weak anti estrogenic activity by binding to estrogen receptors, inhibiting the effects of E2, however they also both have the ability to significantly lower SHBG (which isn’t a good after a certain point, more free T means more free E2 which may result in an increase of AI dose (or not), .5 mg of Adex daily for a mere 250mg of test weekly is insane! Are you cruising or is this a light cycle? I would be concerned about your lipids if running this much DHT derived compounds, anastrazole also has a pronounced negative effect on HDL cholesterol (estrogen is important when it comes to cholesterol management), next time you get bloods include hdl and ldl cholesterol, triglycerides, total cholesterol and PSA if you are over 40.


Hey update.

Reason i’ve been on arimidex wasn’t because of sides but because in previous cycles i never felt good on testo since i started with adex. So i include it in all my cycles because of that. It wasnt until lately that i started doing labs to control stuff. This also explains my previous estro crashes.

This much dht compounds concerns me. I’ve been on lately, roughly 300mg test ew, 70mg mast ew, and then 175mg proviron ew.

Should i cut back on the dht what dosages would you recommend?

I’m pretty much cruising always, reason i’ve upped test lately has been because of low estro, i wanted to increase aromatization.

My joints haven’t really been that bad tbh. I’ve felt some minor minor pain in them, but it hasn’t been really bad at all. Just abit sore wrists but while lifting at the gym etc i’ve felt nothing in them at all.

I’m very concerned about my health and would really like all the input i can get to be as healthy as possible while on cruise. So please any more advice would be greatly apritiated i take what u guy say very seriously. SHBG and all that.


Took 4 days off arimidex completely, and then i lowered dose (bought a pill cutter) to 0,125 ED wich i’ve been on now for 2 days. And i’m starting to feel really good again, better than i’ve been in a month, so im very grateful for that :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s about it, thank you guys for the replies have a nice day :slight_smile:

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It’s all about finding that sweet spot, you know? Each of us is different in how we respond the hormone manipulation, so you’ve got to do some trial and error. Glad to hear that you’re feeling better.

Agreed :slight_smile: Thanks mate