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Help Making a Workout Program


I have about roughly 4 weeks to get in shape(since that is roughly when school starts). I currently do not have access to a gym but I will soon so the workout program will have to be stuff like push-ups, sit-ups, walks/hikes as an example. Even though I want to be in shape I am also trying to build muscle and I am trying to have it more visual than strong(though if possible in deadline I would like it to be strong as well). If any of you guys are able to help me out it will be greatly appreciated. Also even though I am out of shape I am not terribly out of shape(for I am not obese or anything like that).


Lol. You can certainly get a start in the right direction, but you will not be significantly more muscular four weeks from now, no matter what you do.


Make sure you've got a pullup bar bro. No weights that's the thing id want the most.

I bet you can get some dumbells practically free on craigslist i'd really look into that.

Other than that try google for bodyweight workouts. We lift weights here.