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Help Making a Proper Diet? :(

I’ve read the articel “The Carb Cycling Codex” (TCCC) - which I’m desperately trying to make sence out of.

Personal info:

Age = 25
Height = 183cm
Weight = 109kg
BF% = 20%

BMR (using the calculations from “TCCC”) and LBM as weight = 2000kcal with out an activity factor (1,6 is the typical for moderate training sessions)
This leaves me at 3200kcal pr. day (training days) and 2800kcal on restingdays.

I’ve got some questions, that I desperately need some answers to:

  1. When finding BMR, does one need to use the current weight (incl. fat depots) or LBM for the calculation? I ask this, because I’ve been thinking… if one uses LBM in the calculation, then you get the exact amount that one needs to fuel the LEAN BODY MASS…

Therefore… one doesn’t need to subtract 20% of the kcal found for example, if one had used the precent weight (incl. fat) - do you get, what I mean?

  1. I’m going for 3grams of protein kg. - is this to much for a guy not on the juice?

  2. How do I figure out, how many grams of fat and carbs I need on training days and on resting days? I know of course, that one needs more carbs on training days and lower on resting days… but how does one figure the needed amount of fat during a diet?

Is there a way like the saying 3g of protein is needed for not loosing to much muscle under diet?

  1. Precently I’ve made a diet plan, in which I’m getting 292g of protein, 285g of carbs and 79g of fat (all from omega 3-6 and 9 - not saturated fat… I eat lean meat.
    Is this a proper percentage (40-40-20) when trying to loose fat? (I’m aware that, if one consumes more protein the metabolism will be raised, but I don’t think this is the proper way to handle it… You can as well adjust the carb intake…

I need some guidance on all of the above questions… can anybody help me?

I’m from Denmark, so pardon my “french”… :wink:

Does no one have comments on this? How can this be?

20% BF might be too high for Carb cycling to have much of an impact on your body composition. Try something more drastic like the Velocity/Atkins/low-carb diet. Lowering carbs will quickly burn up fat. If you can’t completely eliminate them for whatever reason, properly time them! Carbs around your workouts, otherwise, fats and proteins.

Thanks for replying! :slight_smile:


I don’t need guidance on how to cycle my carbs… I’m already doing P+C and P+F through out the day (with P+C in the morning and post WO)


I need guidance on my above asked questions…

To “answer” number 1… I remember a suggestion on here that was to do the BMR calculation twice. Use your current bodyweight, then the bodyweight you’re trying to achieve, then use the average of the two numbers for your calorie requirements.

Take it for what it’s worth, but to me, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Thanks for replying!

Is this just a suggestion? Do you have som evidence/references?

Do you get my way of thinking about using the LBM for BMR calculation instead of the current body weight (inkl fat)?