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Help Making a Boxing Program


been reading the combat sport forum like for one and a half hour, and couldn't find anything really useful to me.

i've been lifting for 2 years, now i'm really interested on lowering my bf%.

i weight 260, 6'0" and i'm currently lifting 5 days a week, i'm alaso on a low carb diet.
Split looks like this

mon: ME DL, plus back work
tues: ME bench, plus tris, shoulder
wedn: legs (squat, romain dl, split squat)
thur: off
fri: DE bench, plus tris, shoulder
sat: legs (front squat, good mornings, splits)
sun: off

as you can see, the volume it's a little high, and i recently joined a boxing gym, and i really like it, but seems like i can't handle lifting and boxing 5 days a week, so what should i do?

will only lifting 3 times a week while boxing make the trick?, my goal is only to keep strength and lose fat (not gaining muscle, stregth and lose fat all at the same time)


Ditch the low carb diet and actually eat some food, i.e form a calorie deficient. How are you lifting for 2 years and still asking questions like this, research before you post, and don't think that boxing or any other combat sport is the cureall for a shitty diet, if your fat before you worked out, your fat as you work out and think you can add more to lifting 4 days a week you need a reality check and realize your intensity is not in your workouts, your cardio is not sufficient, so adding three things that you do below margin will not help you lose weight.

Now with the flaming done go research


Because most of the people who weight train and practice a martial discipline are already damn good at cutting and gaining wieght. Go ask in Beginners and or Nutrition.


thanks for the reply man, yes it sounds stupid to ask that after 2 years of training, if you want i can post my diet, i think it's not a shitty diet, cause i've already lost 10 punds in 3 weeks, and my question was about the volume of my training.


Just Pm me or repost in one of those two forums.


i'm supossed to overtrain after a month on this routine, so i'm putting some effort to my sessions, my question was, how should my lifting schedule look like if i want to start training boxing?.


ok, sorry man, reposting on the beginners forum.

so this thread is dead


If you are training (seriously) in boxing, lift two days a week, full body sessions, and concentrate on skillwork and endurance.

Heavy splits like yours will burn you the fuck out.


Train boxing as a fighter, or train boxing as a way to lose weight ? Look, I was trying not to be a asshole before but your not getting it, your weight training program is botched, your diet is botched and you want to know how often you should train to box when there's articles on this already. You've been training for a while and your 1rm's suck for your weight so wouldn't that be a indication that its all botched ? Next, a bodybuilding program, which is what your using, can not and should never be done with with any boxing regime, not to mention your working out your legs 3 times a week and your shoulders/bench 2 times a week with a 48 hour window, which if you take into account the problem with legs it automatically means that your body is constantly in a state of being overtrained.

Now take into effect your low carb diet, which was never really made for a martial athlete because 99% of what we do eats up our glucose stores quicker than a fat kid in a candy store, and you have a Fubar approach. Go read on strength training (not bodybuilding), go read on nutrition (For anaerobic/aerobic athletes), and then come back in here and post "what should my workouts like if I wanna be a box". Not asking for us to school you in basic stuff.


He's trying to use boxing to burn weight though Irish, take into account his profile numbers and he's obviously doing something really backwards. At any rate, I was going to help you OP, but your blatant disregard for researching at least the basics and affinity for asking assnine questions has driven me away.


Oh I hear you. 6'0" and 260 after several years of training isn't good. And limiting carb intake while doing that much work isn't good either, especially when he's adding boxing into the mix.

I agree that he's lacking basic fundamentals that can be easily gained through using the damn "search" function.


i hear you boys, and yes, i look like a troll ( don't wanna be it).

so i'll reformulate my post.

i want to train box seriously, but i'm fucking overwheight, so i should lose some fat first, the routine i posted was given to me, i was supposed to do that routine along with 5 days of cardio for a month, then switch to a 4 days split.

that was for background.

maybe i just didn't search enought, i'll keep researching, but any help it's really welcome.

and know that search function isn't the best


exactly!!, i don't want to just "add" boxing ti my routine, i want to build a routine around box, i just thought that i might need a different aproach, cause i'm trying to cut weight.

sorry dudes, not trying to be a pain in the ass



This will give you a base of nutrition. Start taking fish oil, if you're not already, and look into pre-and post workout shakes. I tend to stick with a simple whey protein shake after my workout, but because I don't compete and I'm young recovery isn't a vital issue to me. This will change as I age, and there may be more supplements to look into.

Drink more green tea. Joe Calslappy swears by it, and even though I don't like him, the guy's a pro.

And if you really want to get into boxing, don't worry about being fat. Drop the split you've got going and go to two full body workouts a week, something in the fashion of Waterbury's Total Body Training. Heavy, compound movements where you get the most bang for your buck and get the fuck out of the gym.

Start running. Wake up every morning and run a couple miles. Nothing crazy- start off slow. But do your roadwork. And finally, go the damn boxing gym. Jump rope, shadowbox, hit the pads, the bag, the double end, and do it under the eyes of a trainer. Go four or five times a week and do your workouts.

If you combine this with good nutrition, you'll be amazed at the results you'll get.


my apologies to all, i came here and wanted you to solve my problesm, that was the problem :wink:.

so i come with specific questions, just forget about everything i posted.

so my weight regimen should look like

DE Lower Body
ME Upper Body
Posterior chain lower movement
DB press variation
Lat/Upper back superset

ME Lower Body
Upper Body movement (chin-up or push-up variation)
lower body movement
Shrug variation super-setted with rear delt movement
Grip training
Weighted abdominals

and i'll be boxing 5 days a week (mon-fri), will pay a lot of attention on conditioning, and aerobic work.

the boxing classes are at 8:00 am, now i'll look for info about diet.

is this ok while i'm triying to cut weight??


Irish, you seem to have a pretty good grasp on training for combat sports. Wouldn't a 3 way split be effective? Would you have a figher doing a lot of Db seated power cleans, face pulls, and other band/cable shoulder prehab stuff?

Just curious, I might join a club this summer, or the next.


Check out rossboxing.com as well.

I agree on FightingIrish being one of the most knowledgeable on this forum regarding combat sports.


To be honest (and this is just my opinion, I am by no means any expert) I don't know that I would use the DE/ME format while boxing. You're going to be a lot of dynamic type movements (that you've never done before) in the training (like medicine ball shit, etc.)

On top of that, ME days take a lot out of you. I don't know if your program is properly constructed according to what powerlifters say to do- namely, mixing a DE lower body movement and an ME upper body movement on the same day. There are certainly way stronger, more experienced guys who can tell you that than me.

Read this. See if it makes any sense to you.

hell, read everything on ross's website. It has a good mix of old school attitudes mixed with newer training methods.


I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say "three way split."


sorry for the 3 repeated post.

and thanks irish, as you can see i'm a totally beginner, so i'll just shut up and listen and do my road work :).

thanks for the rossboxing page, very usefull.