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Help Making a Basketball/Bodybuilding Program

Hey everyone , i’m new to T-Nation so dont flame me for being a noob. i will give you some background information about me .

Im 17 years old , 5ft11 175 lbs. I have around 10% body fat and i could dunk a basketball maybe 50% of the time I try. I’m telling you that because I really dont know my vertical. I’ve been working out on and off for the past year so i’m not really new to it . I’ve always been super athletic my whole life. Dunking and being fast just came naturally. I’ve never really worked out my legs either.

My stats-

1 45lbs plate each side bench press 10 times
2 45lbs plates each side back squats
I dont deadlift or do any calf exercises.

SO now my main question , i play guard in basketball , and i’m looking for a couple of exercises I should do to get stronger. I have a full year off season so i could like do a power phase for my legs or something like that then do plyometrics this summer. I’m not too sure how this works. So can someone help a new kid out ? I need good exercises to bulk/tone my upper body and stregthen my legs so i can dunk consistently and be faster.

Thanks so much

And I almost Forgot , I could access a gym 7 days a week anytime so i dont know if that could help.