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Help make me a T-Man again

i allready registered as a t-man, but when i closed internet explorer and opened it back up again it doesn’t recognize me as a tman anymore. i went in to the cookie settings and put to always accept cookies from tmag in the future, so i guess i need help logging back in. does anyone know how to do this without having to register again?

i registered this morning and was logged in with cookies always accepted. i come home tonight and i am logged out. i tried to re-register and after i completed the form i am taken back to the welcome screen but still not logged in. can anyone help?? thanks! :slight_smile:

Nic: Same problem. I put a “T-Nation Bug” thread on the Training side for people to post problems. (Maybe it should have been here?)

Chris will probably let us know.

I am having the same exact problem, I even registered twice with the same info and I opened the page again with the same result.

i had the same problem and even after registering again the computer would still forget me. at the same time i could not use the forum so i guess they were still making changes in the site. if you try now it should work cause mine is acting normal now. hope this helps.

I emailed the webmaster requesting a login page about an hour after the new site went up. I think we just have to have a little patience. They’ll fix the problem. They already added the search function to the bottom of the forum window.

While we are aware of all the problems users are experiencing with the new design, I will only address a few here. If you feel that your issue deserves more attention, please feel free to contact me via the Website Support link in Feedback to discuss it further.

Issue 1: T-man Registration and Log On. Currently there is an issue with the cookie that is being set after registration. This will be taken care of ASAP. Also, when the Log On page is up, you will be able to simply put in the e-mail address and password you provided during registration and you will be logged on. You will not need to re-register.

Issue 2: Popup Windows. We have very specific reasons for going with this architecture. We also developed them so that there would only be one popup window open at any time. If you are experiencing multiple windows for the articles, Previous Issues, or Forums, please let me know.

These windows are moveable and scalable so you can customize your own view of the page you are on.

Javascript is an extremely common development script and is supported by all current browsers. If your browser does not support Javascript, or if you have it disabled for specific reasons, please let me know.

We are not trying to alienate any of our readers. We are trying to provide a positive web experience by using the latest development technology.

Please post any other issues here or contact me directly if need be. Also, watch this thread for future updates.

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