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Help Maintaining Hormone Levels


I've always known through my expierences in sports that if there's anything to be found out about supplements (regardless of sport) one needs to ask one of their body builder (or even power lifter) friends--you guys know your **** like nobody! This is why I'm here despite my gym work focusing on completely diff. goals than most of you...any way, quick background:

I'm a male in the working world (not by choice!) who is 25yrs old. I mainly run (yes, I'm skinny, very skinny, and a giant pussy). I was fortunate enough to begin a career as a pro after college, but was an idiot and did some VERY stupidly hard training and, over the period of a year, ruined my entire body. I'll be on thyroid meds for the rest of my life and my liver, and kidneys were down to 20% function.

My testosterone level, at it's worst, was also down to 108. It's been two years off and out of the game, but I seem to be in a place where I want to begin training and give it a go again. However, in order to compete again I HAVE to be off the meds for testosterone (topical gel). I'm giving it a go coming off it and seeing if my body handles it.

THUS! I come to you guys to see if there is anything that's NOT a banned steroid (supplements, sleep patters, nutrient timing, etc.) that would help make sure I don't relapse back to such low T levels that I can no longer train effectively? Anything would be a huuuge help in helping get back on track (literally and figuratively).


What are you talking about competing again? last I checked, they didnt drug test marathon runners....

Why would you risk your long term health, happiness, and well being (again) just so you can run against a bunch of other skinny choads? I would be asking myself if my priorities were straight.


Dude...I like running, too. To be honest I'd rather run than be in the gym (but I spend more time in the gym, because I hated how I looked and felt when I only ran). But at the competitive level, it really just isn't good for your overall health. Anything taken to an extreme is bad...You said yourself that you wrecked your body this way, WHY would you do it all over again? Excessive cardio is catabolic, pure and simple. Do some HIIT and/or sports, that's healthy cardio.

What's the point of being able to run a 4:00 mile if you can't do a couple of pullups, if you strain to lift your groceries out of the car? I have a physical job, but it doesn't ever require me to run (not many jobs do). I do need to lift relatively heavy things, several times a day. Strength training has made my job a whole lot easier. I used to be an endurance athlete, too, but no more...trust me, strength is a FAR more useful and practical modality when it comes to fitness. And anyway, strength and endurance are not at all mutually exclusive.