Help, Lower Chest Does Not Grow!

Hi guys,
Well first of all let me introduce my self, being new on these boards.
I’m ofir from israel, 17 years old, started lifting 2 years ago and loving it ever since :slight_smile:
My stats:
162 pounds
Body type: ecto
bf% 13~

Now i’ll get to the point.
Well, the thing is, whle all parts of ny body are showing a fairly nice growth rate (including my upper chest), my lower chest is simply pa-the-tic!

It looks really bad when the upper chest is well develepod and lower is barely existing.
Can anyone give me any good tips & exrcises for that area?

Note: I workout at home with a bench,dumblles and a chinup bar.

Decline bench.

and wide grip dip.

Ah just noticed the last part about at home and limited equip. Either find a couple chairs or something to dip on.

Also if your bench doesnt decline I think it was CW whom suggested even as little as one plate proping up the bench to a small incline as helping.

Also just a wider grip in general will add more stress on the chest instead of tris, flare oyur elbows a bit.

Warning also tougher on the shoulders, be sure you are rowing as much volume or more than pressing. It’ll help.

Hope that helps,