Help Lower Back Pain

i have been have pain for a few weeks now i have went to the doc he said it was just a pull. i have no pain doing anything as far as working out , just at when i sleep or sit a long time .

im going back to the doc but want to know if anyone had any ideals. the pain is in my lower back right in the middle of it about 6in up from the butt bone . thank for the help

I am having the exact same thing. the pain is a sharp pain, and usually aggrevated by sitting down, or doing something where I am crouched down and bent over for a while. The pain makes it hard to get upright and moving sometimes. But, if I am up and around, i don’t usally notice it until i sit down again. I am hoping it is nothing serious. I am taking the week off from lifting this week (heading out of town), so I will see if that helps it any.


I know some people with the same problem, went to the doctor and what does the doctor do?? give you pain killers.
You will be better off if you go to a physio, but thats just me.

Assuming it’s just a spasm in the erector spinae muscles, I treat those with ibuprofen, cyclobenzaprine, a lot of stretching, heating pad, massage and full activity (minus back weight training). Babying it will make it last longer. Even after you do everything right for this, it takes a couple weeks to get better.

Also, most of the patients I see this in are guys with poor musculature of the back. Or they tried lifting something too heavy.

Last thing, if you have back pain with associated loss of bowel or bladder control, numbness between both thighs or an erection that won’t go away in 4 hours, you need immediate medical attention.

If there is pain radiating to the legs or weakness in the legs, you should be seen by a provider within a day or two.

When you stand up the back pian is relieved could mean its a disk that is blown. Commonly when you lay down you can feel it more. At least that is what my ortho told me. See a doc who can get an MRI and you will know for sure.


Best of luck to you. My lower back pain required the fusion of L4 and L5 along with 2 titanium plates and 4 screws that look like they should be in someone’s outdoor deck project.

I recently had a similar problem especially when driving as I have to go 50 miles to work. Getting out of the car was hell. I also play soccer and was pulling my groin all the time.

I went to an osteopath and he found that a joint in the centre of my spine had stuck (not fused). He released it (which was a strange experience) and I haven’t had a problem since. Even the pain I put down to sciatica has cleared up.



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i know no one was going to give me a cure . i just want to know if anything could help. it was got alot better i have been stretching i have took about 3 weeks of and im going the doc again and get a mri . i think it feels like a pull so we will see i will keep u up to date . thanks for all the help

I went to the Dr. for lower back pain. The pain is on the left-side. His diagnosis was Plantar Fasciitis on my right foot. This was causing my left-side to compensate .

I had a similar problem. Here’s what I did. I went to a D.O., NOT a Chiropractor. He discovered that my hips were uneven, making on leg longer than the other. He did some REALLY uncomfortable adjustments to my hips that made a huge difference.

Then I started doing heavy DL’s and ab work. Got up to 2X’s body weight on DL and 100lb DB on my chest for crunches. What a difference. Adjusting my hips and strenghtening the supporting muscles did the trick.