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Help: Low Trap Problem, Pelvic Tilt, Mobility


Hey guys,

I am new to posting on this forum but have been following TNation for a long time and regard it as one of the most precise and all encompassing sources of knowledge in the game. I am 21 and have been lifting seriously for about 4 years now. In the past two years I have developed shoulder and lower back problems that, to me, seem not to improve no matter what.

I have been told by my physical therapist at Kaiser that I have lower trap inhibition...my ART provider informed me as well that I have tight pec minor/lats and other muscles in that area. Anterior pelvic tilt is also an issue. Believe me I have spent countless hours for days, weeks, and months reading about my issues and trying to solve them.

My main issues are pain doing barbell bench press, flies, tightness on pullups, back pain doing squats, deadlift, pain doing lateral raises, you name it. I have trouble getting my torso through the hole on military press as well as locking out. Here are a number of solutions I have attemped to employ in order to fix the issue: 1. T-Spine extension on foam roller. 2. Tennis ball work on lat, shoulder. 3. Doorway stretching 4. Back 2x a week 5. Shoulder dislocations with band (left side doesnt contract normally) 6. Dropping bench press.

None of these have helped me in my quest for mobility. I have read a plethora of articles from Cressey, Robertson, and other such authorities but nothing seems to work. Most people tell me I look like a collegiate linebacker as im 6'2 230 yet i can hardly military press 135 for reps or even squat 225 for 5. Something is seriously wrong with me. Any advice is appreciated.