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HELP ~ Low Test After Anavar?


i finished an anavar cycle about 3 and a half weeks ago. I ran it at 60mgs ED for 7 weeks straight. Noticed great results. More vascular, first time I can actually see my sixpack in 4 years, and increased strength. However, I encountered some problems with my dealer. He told me he had "saved" me a 4 week nolva/clomid supply because I didn't have the money at the time. Turns out he sold those meds and I couldn't do my PCT. I tried to find another source but couldn't since I live in greece and I don't know of any except this fag guy that ratted my pct. my worries are..-

  • I don't have the desire I had for sex that I used to have before.
  • I still get erections but I have to fantasize deeply.
  • My sperm count is visually extremely low, my loads are watery and rarely white.

my question is..

i obviously have low test after this anavar cycle, will my test levels jump back up without the use of any meds?

I am still trying to get pct meds, would you guys think it is useless by now?

btw- first cycle, age 27, bodyfat 10%, weight 209, height 5"11


thank you! please help!


No it's not useless.

There is no way to say whether or not you will recover without a SERM.

To be honest the absolute best plan would be to run test prop for 3-4 weeks at replacement level dose. Then come off that and run a standard SERM pct. But it's understandbile not to want to put any more drugs in your body at this point and the SERM by itself is much better than nothing.

OH and BTW you have no idea what your sperm count is. You can not see sperm cells.


Is it not interesting how people INFER certain conditions?? 'I only had a couple drops of cum so I must have a low sperm count...'

What you suggested about the test prop does not surprise me, alas, I would not have thought about that. Do you think he should inject 25mgs ED, or 50mgs EOD? Or is my dosage a bit off?


Enough to suppress natural production but for a short enough time to not add significant time to the current suppression. It's a fairly crude process and you'd sort of just have to roll with it and hope for the best.


My "reliable" dealer said he had a shipment of clomid arriving in about week and a half. Should I start right when I get it or should I wait for the nolva to which supposedly comes in at the end of this month.

My guess is I'll run the test prop, but first let's see how it goes!


No no.

You dont run the prop AFTER the SERM. You either run the prop and attempt to 'repeat' the end of a cycle then go into PCT OR you just starting using the SERM.


alright! bonez thanks for your help, ill run test prop at 50mg eod as idowhatican suggested, or should i run at another dose?


soooo, not only do you claim a SERM is a magical pill for recovery(because without it you might get shut down forever), but you also advice a semi-shutdown guy who can still get erections and cum, to use ever more supressive stuff and completely shut his own testosterone down until he can get his hands on clomid?

That's quite possible the worst PCT advice I've ever seen. It's impossible to back up any of these statements except with broledge.

Recovery takes time, a serm will speed up recovery, but that's it.

Use natural AI's and other sex drive improving stuff to try and boost your test(the more sex you have, the better the recovery), look it up(zinc, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, guarana all might help...). And try tribulus for your sex drive, it doesn't work for me but some people like it a lot. And then just wait.


Very true, I've had a vasectomy and the man juice is still white! sperm count zero.


He's already suppressed. Adding 3 weeks of prop isn't going to change that.

But youre the guy recommending "natural AI's and sex drive improving stuff" to boost test. Okay buddy.

"The more sex you have the better the recovery". LOL good one. Youre on a roll.

The point of the test is to bring his body back to feeling normal. Similar to the method used at the end of the "stasis/taper" method of PCT outlined in one of the stickies. Go from feeling normal with replacement level test to a SERM to ensure a smooth transition.

But you stick to caffeine and zinc to boost the sex drive and hope that banging chicks restarts the HPTA. Have a nice day pal. Good talk


He can still have an erection, and cum, so he's not nearly fully surpressed. 3 more weeks of prop will shut his ass down a lot more.

None of these things will work as well as a real serm, but I never claimed they did. They will help a bit. And if his sex drive is increase he will worry less.

There you go.

Too bad I cannot find a single study on it, or in other words, it's broscience.

Yeah, it's in rats, and therefore not fully applicable to humans, but there are more studies that prove zinc boosts testosterone.

About green tea, more to be found.

Oh yeah, and don't try your Mr. Arrogant move on me, it's not working and it doesn't suit you. Come back with something to back up your shit, or burn.


I'm not going to post a single study. Every single person using steroids is doing their own little chemistry experiment. You can have your fun with 5 hour energy drinks and ZMA and I'll use stuff that has been used plenty of times and will continue to be used.

You have no idea how suppressed this guy is. No one does. It would be nice if he had a before and after test showing his T, LH, FSH, and E2 levels but that doesnt appear to be the case.

I'm well aware the exogeneous test will add to the shutdown. That's not a problem in this case because the point is to make his body feel like it should, with a replacement dose of T, then go into the SERM therapy to begin recovery. Skipping the test and just going with the SERM is also an option, as I said.

How many steroid using HUMANS are using herbs to restart their HPTA successfully?


And I dont give a shit about studies done on rats or humans if they aren't done with a suppressed HPTA.

I understand you point is that he isn't suppressed. Fine. Your opinion.

I would never take the chance that my HPTA is going to magically restart by taking herbs and minerals. Stupid gamble.


Im curious as to why, throughout this argument, no one suggested he go see a doctor??? That says a lot to me....
Anyway, Id suggest you go get some blood work done and have your doctor analyze it. Thats the only way to know for sure how shut down you are.

In the mean time I would definitely start the use of some natural herbs/alternatives. Contrary to what's stated above, people come off anavar cycles with things like tribulus all the time with no problem. The fact is they may not do much for you, but they wont hurt either! Every little bit helps.

And to answer your question, yes your test will go back up over time. Whether it goes back to what it was before your cycle will depend on if you've done any damage to your body or not. Ive read that some people go back to normal, or close to normal after having screwed up their PCT in this way. It just all depends.

Next time, make sure you have everything lined out for your cycle and PCT before you start a cycle. Congrats on your results.