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Help (Low T - Feeling Low)

I have hit an all time low today and really, really starting to worry about this. I have never been in so much pain in my entire life. I am only 23 and supposed to be out and about enjoying my life. Before the injury i was great fun to be around and had good friends and family.

From a technical aspect i had one fully functional testicle which got injured a few months ago (about 2/3). Ever since then i have had the worst possible ride i can imagine.

I am not sure where to turn or what todo. I have been to see a urologist and told everything was “normal” and fine. But the situation isn’t that simple.

The injured testicle started shrinking since the injury which was caused by a varicocele (or faulty veins). Ever since then i have been going downhill really fast.

In the past week i have been suffering from chronic back pain, chest pains, problems breathing, depression, bones clicking (weak bones?), suicide thoughts, ED, anger outbursts and bad mood swings. I really can’t cope with this anymore.

I have never had anything like this before, though i did have mild asthmea when i was in my teenage years (ironically going through puberty) but since doing alot of walking (cardo) i managed to get rid of it.

I have heard that there is a girdle of muscles around the abdomen & lower back and it’s riddled with testosterone receptors, and any deficiency in testosterone levels starves these receptors with the result that the muscles weaken & lose tone. I don’t think my testosterone is low enough to mark for any actual muscle damage (i can only hope so anyway).

What could be causing these pains? Does anyone have any ideas on this?

I am getting blood taken tomorrow morning for my comprehensive hormone profile and going back to speak to my doctor about this.

Someone suggested that taking zinc might be the best option but i am scared that taking high dosages might be bad for my prostate. I also don’t know what the E2 level is sitting at just now, i don’t however have sore nipples/gyno or water retention.

I have however been getting some bad hot flushes in the past few days which makes me think the E2 is a little high or something.

What should i be asking about at the doctor’s tomorrow? Should i give AndroGel (TestoGel) a try? Should i see another urologist regarding my problems?

The idea of starting TRT is daunting but i can’t live with these symptoms anymore.

Sounds to me like your pain, especially chest pain is classic for anxiety. I know it wont sound logical but you could be stressing so much about this it is actually causing pain. The whole receptor thing you were talking about it simply not true.

Low testosterone levels alone might make you a bit depressed, low energy levels, and less ability to recover from exercise but they arent going to CAUSE pain. Go to your doc and tell him how it is, if your test levels ARE low see if you can get some sort of HRT going and if that is the fix then I would recommend you stick to that and avoid getting hooked on anti-anxiety/depression medications that the docs are likely to throw at you.

That said if your test levels are fine along with the rest of the other blood work maybe other medications are waranted. Good luck man, everything will work out.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Around this time last year, I too felt that I had very low Test. After some time and some serious soul searching I just realised I was going over the top and was actually just depressed. For me, the pressing issue here is your mental state and it is very important that you keep a level head about this and asses the problem for what it is- No Big Deal. Yes that sounds trivial, but there is very little that cant be amended medically today and for you there will always be hope.

I dont deny that you may, and I mean may have low test but first things first, relax and assess the situation with a clear mind. Guys who’ve had testicular cancer have made full recoveries and your problem is nothing near that physically, but mentally you’ve got to calm down. Hang in there, all will be well.

Every single one of your symptoms is related to anxiety and stress. I know how you feel with the back pain. I also experience this as well as neck and facial tension. Take some time off of things that are stressors in your life.

In other words take a mental vacation. I have just started mediaction to deal with my anxiety. But before takking that route i would try to solve the problem through other means.