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Help, Low Libido, No Energy, Terrible Sleep

Newbie here. TRT for several years. Multiple side effects. Libido is in the tank, errections are shit and difficult. Who can I talk to about labs to figure this out? Don’t feel any of the boost I used to especially when I was doing IM injections 1 x per week As opposed to twice weekly subQ. Currently 60mg per injection 2x per week. Recently returned to HCG injections for hypogonadism

Your e2 is high. Get bloods to confirm. Adding the hcg added more e2 into the mix and obviously it’s not what your body wanted. Get bloods, then drop it until you get the results back. My guess is that you’ll find a balance with the hcg plus a lower dose of test.

Well there ya go my man, go back to IM, keep the 2x per week, wait 6 weeks and re-assess

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Yeah, seems pretty obvious… if IM worked better then go back to that. If you felt better before HCG, then drop it.


Thanks for the advice. Will drop back down to 50mg per injection then go from there. E2? Estradiol? It’s staying pretty low. After reading a lot of posts going to get SHBG checked too. Wasn’t done last time.

Will do. Have battled high hematocrit and that was part of the reason I went to subQ.

How high?

18.4 but I’ve been donating blood to get that down.

Must be a different unit unless you’re talking about hemoglobin instead?