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help, low carb diet

hi all. I am new to this forum…i recently began training again after 2 years off. to help get me back into “naked” shape a little faster, i have started a low carb diet. i have tested my urine and i am in ketosis. i am consuming approx 20 grams of carbs per day. my question is, how long can I stay in ketosis safely and how and when should i increase my carb intake? any suggestions would be great.

Type T-Dawg 2.0 in the search function and give that diet a try.
I’ve done a very low carb diet before and while it worked to lose fat, I lost muscle and generally felt like shit.

Ketosis…been there, done that!

You can stay in ketosis for quite a while (everyone tolerates it differently). Basically, if you just want to kick start the low carb approach, don’t go more than a few weeks.

Ketosis just interferes too much with your energy levels while training. You’ll probably suffer from an extended brain-fart as well. My own experience was that I was able to sustain the training, and even make some strength gains, but I was dog tired later in the evening…to the point of uselessness. That fatigue interferes with muscle growth.

As for adding carbs back, start with oatmeal and bananas, and then some whole wheat bread to help get the tuna down the pie hole. Adjust your intake weekly in order to gauge how each addition affects the fat loss. In other words, add the carbs back slowwwwwwly!

Lots of folks here like the T-Dawg 2.0 diet for fat loss while weight training. You might give that a try after a few weeks on Ketosis. It’ll take most guess work out of the equation.

Remember: Long-term Ketosis is only for fat folks who don’t weight train…

thanks for the tips. taking my wife on a cruise in june and i want to be in shape. thanks