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Help Losing Weight

Will someone tell me some of the supplements and/or diets you are using to lose weight/fat? I switched my diet to whole foods and I don’t eat alot of carbs. To date I’ve lost 14 lbs and 5% BF. would like to lose more. current weight 262 lbs 22% BF. I train with weights and MMA for my workouts, it seems as if I’ve reached a plateau.

How long has your plateu lasted? It is possible to eat too FEW calories on a diet and slow your metabolism down, you might want to try a “refeeding” day where you eat at maintence levels and then drop back down to diet levels for a few days. Have a refeeding every 3 or 4 days and see what happens.

Also, search for “7 habits of highly effective diets” with the search button up top.

about three weeks

three weeks is nothing. you are still likely losing body fat but are gaining muscle as well. Just keep training and throw away your scale. So long as you are compliant with your training and nutrition you wil change.

A refeed day is also good as said. Read all of Dr. John Berardi’s articles. You can really use MMA trianing to up your G-flux. I do. It’s fun, you get to eat lots.


[quote]rjack2136 wrote:
about three weeks[/quote]