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Help Losing Weight

so i have been working out for about a year and a half but due to school work and other things i have not been able to be able to lift so it has made me gain about 12 pounds. i am weighing about 212 and i am 6feet 2inches. i now have time and am gonna begin to do what i have to do to lose the weight. and advice or work out routines along with supplements that i should use to help me lose the weight faster… thanx

more veges, more water, 8-9 hours sleep

6’2" 212 you dont need to lose weight you need to add muscle and replace the fat clean up your diet yet keep eating and get some good training and your set.

well the problem is i use to weight 260 and i brought it down to 190, but i cant get rid of the stomach fat. i have loose skin, when i was weighin in at 200 u could start to see my 4top abbs, but my bottom 2 were not able to be seen due to the fat on my lower stomach. i do have a clean diet because i am type one diabetic. so i eat alot of veggies. at one point my arms and pecks were looking well but the stomach does not wana go away.

problem is i use to weigh 260 and i brought it down to 190 but once i got to weighting in at 200 i had good arms and chest and i could start to see the top 4 abbs, but the i cant get rid of the lower stomach fat, ever since i lost the weight the lower stomach has a little loose skin that wont go away. i use to run around a mile or mile 1/2 a day but nothin can get rid of it, and i also do keep a clean diet due to me being type 1 diabetic.

You need to apply some science, work out what your maintenance calorie level would be, for instance the amount of calories you eat on average that for your energy expenditure would make you remain at your current weight if activity level stayed the same. Then reduce calories and add more activity. The simplest and most painless way is to record everything you eat, slowly reduce calories and start up weights again and do some walking.

I don’t always have time to walk places for the hell of it, so I walk at lunchtimes whilst eating my lunch, instead of sittin on my ass in the canteen or suchlike. Doesn’t matter that I am walking and eating, still makes my daily calorie expenditure higher and typically I walk for 30 mins per day, unless I did squats when I just sit still and try and do as little as poss.