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Help Losing Skinny Fat Shape


I am horribly skinny fat and i dont know what to do, i dont know too much about training or diet.
Please I would like no insults just help.
Some advice to turn this into muscle or lose it.
I am 5'10 and 192 pounds with 27 percent body fat and around the same with BMI.
please help!


Have you considered lifting weights?

Help yourself.

Start reading articles start going to the gym and lifting weights.

You don't need anyone to TELL YOU what to do.
You just need to DO something.

This is my real, true, heartfelt advice.


Agreed. There are literally THOUSANDS of articles on this site and elsewhere to help you achieve you goals... But it is going to be up to YOU to apply the principles with consistency and give them enough time to work. And then when you do get to an acceptable level of fat, you must CONTINUE to keep working forever if you want to maintain that level.

Having said that Here is a good start:





hey dog, here's a link to a short video that will help you lose fat and gain muscles fast

good luck


In heavy weights we trust!


T-Nation is working with full youtube links, it embeds itself.


Speaking as a complete beginner myself--but in the gym 3 or 4 times a week, working on the diet and reading everything to with training and nutrition..oh and being a total old fart as well....and just 7 months in it's totally absorbing and fascinating doing it and learning about it.

Its hard to know where to start with an answer that isn't immediately disrespectful.

It's true that there is tons of information on here and loads of it would be relevant, equally loads of it would be way over your head. With so much information it could be hard just to know where to get started.
We live in an information (overload) age but as i always said in my bushcraft instructor days 'information isn't knowledge' amd knowledge is the thing that starts to happen the moment you start to do the thing you are trying to do..

You almost need a basic guide to the basics.

A few threads above this one is one along the lines of 'new to t nation' that is a good start because first off it will teach you how to post a better question, as is you haven't really given any useful information and are just going to get quick and rough answers.

The basics (from another beginner) are :
You have to start learning the basics of lifting weights ie :
Picking weight up
Putting it overhead
Moving weight around.

And that probablly means finding a gym and a good solid trainer to teach you the absolute begiinings of :
Some form of squat movement
Some form of deadlift
Some form of press ie bench and overhead.
How to warm up
How to stretch

Then :
Learn to move your weight around ie:
Press up,pull up, walk, run ,cycle or row.

Get stuck in and do the above 3-4 times a week.

Work out what you are eating--keep a log of it and post it right here
Learn the basics of nutrition and apply that knowledge.

Repeat for a few months until you have the basics squared away.

Giving us more to work with would help too..so tell us what you are doing now..what you have done and any ideas you have.


[quote]big nurse wrote:

Work out what you are eating--keep a log of it and post it right here
Learn the basics of nutrition and apply that knowledge.

I'd actually make this step one.


Kind of hard to know where to start with this one though eh !!, try to get him doing some exercise first or some thinking about food ??.
Most young guys seem to want to hit the gym first.

Interesting to see if he gets back with anything more organised to work with !


Nutrition and exercise are important. Also important is to track your progress with measurements and set goals for yourself. Goals for the next workout, the next week, the next month, the next three months. Write them down somewhere and hold yourself accountable for reaching them. Also, remember, there is no unrealistic goal, only unrealistic deadlines. And attack all of your goals with singleness of purpose, either do them or don't.

As for diet/exercise, just spend the weekend reading the informative mass of articles on this website. If you start now then by Sunday afternoon you should be ready to put everything you've learned to use. Once you do put it to use, you should be able to answer any questions that you would still have just by working out over time and experimenting on a weekly basis.

T-Nation has opened the door, it's up to you to enter.


Take up Starting Strength, 5/3/1, or any lifting program that has you benching, squatting, deadlifting, and overhead pressing each once/week.

Eat 1g/lb of protein and keep track of total calories.

After 2 weeks, note your weight. Adjust total calorie intake up or down by 200 calories/day depending on what happened on the scale, and what your goals are (i.e. fat loss or muscle gain).