Help Losing a Few Pounds

Leaving for vacation in 6 weeks. I work a very strenuous job in forging, so here’s my question. Is it more practical to achieve fat loss via calorie restriction, or by adding cardio? I have 2 small ones at home, so I’d prefer not to add more time to my hobby. I can take more pics, but here’s one from this morning, weight 203.

Good work so far. What’s your end goal for vacation?

Most sane people recommend no more than 1lb of weight loss per week. That’s a 3,500 calorie deficit per week. So you could eat 500 less per day and lose 6lbs in 6 weeks. Obviously the body adapts, but that’s generally what would happen.

Alternatively it takes 42 minutes running 6mph to burn 500 calories.

My experience is that adding more work helps more than restricting calories further if you’re already below maintenance but everyone is different!

I think you just answered your own question lel?

Only takes a few hundred calories less to get the scales moving downward. Proably won’t kill you but you haven’t exactly said how many calories or big a deficit you are on right now or how you feel/are able to perform on it.

If you can be bothered you could do something physical with your kids for an hour

I haven’t been actively losing weight, this is just what I walk around at. As for calories, I don’t track anything. I do keep fats low, very high carb usually. Maybe upwards of 300 to 400 depending on dinner. Protien is minimum of 170,plus dinner. I’d like to be in the low 190’s ideally. I’m not sure my body fat, never checked besides the mirror.

try swapping this around, crank up good fats, cut carbs in half (overall cals keep about the same)

Do finishers or assitance work as giant/trisets, will have you dripping with sweat…

Seriously, if it were me I’d just go with what you’ve got. You’re in great shape, and nobody else will notice the difference between how you look now and how you’ll look if you do more cardio in the next six weeks. I’ve been through this, and at least for me, I feel so much better when I am not overdoing training and restricting calories. People will see an “in shape” dude as you are, and an “in shape” dude if you do anything suggested. In the real, non T-Nation, world, nobody will notice any difference.

I can’t agree more.

I would never cut more fat than what the OP currently has unless it was for a fight or show or comp of some kind. Just for lifestyle, health and survival reasons… I’m an odd bloke though…

Shave the chest pubes and get a tan. You’re already pretty lean.

Drop some carbs then.

6 weeks is pretty much a minicut. If weight loss is slow-ish say close to or a bit less than 1% bw/week and steady then your performance won’t tank in 6 weeks allowing you to hold onto your gains well.

Any specific reason you feel you need to drop?

Probably the one he mentioned in the opening sentence.

I was going a little deeper… Since he already looks to be in good shape.

Just curious what I could achieve if I really tightened up my food and exercise. I really don’t do much to be honest. I’ve done higher fat with lower carb, just not my thing. I have zero issue digesting carbs, and since it’s the easiest form of fuel to use, why complicate it. I originally posted this in the bodybuilding section, because I’m slightly curious if I could do men’s physique. I’m older, 37, but I only lift 2 or 3 times a week now and do zero cardio. Add to that i eat fast food on the weekends, and of course drink like any hard working person. I appreciate the suggestions so far. At 6ft, what weight do you think I’d need to be to be lean enough to compete? Any idea what I am now by the pics?

Yeah… You could compete in physique no problem. Best guy to hit up for contest prep advice would be @The_Mighty_Stu

Really? Thanks man.

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