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Help: Liquid Clen,Tamoxifen, T3


First Of all, I was browsing here and impress with the way people respond to each other. This might be my last stop Forum for bodybuilding. Second, I was diagnosed of hypogonadism a year ago, that cheated my life for over 20 years. I develop a lot disease such us obesity, cardiovascular, gynocomastia, diabetes, and more. Whats worse no lady would look at me. But its been a year of Testosterone therapy and surgery of removal of gynocomastia. It is great after all the years was feeling weak and embarrassment.

Now, Im a little healthy and want to try other products. I will prescribe with the doctor of Growth Hormone along with Testosterone.However, I would like to push a little further by adding clebuterol and T3 to losen weight ( last year 250lb-Testosterone until now 240lb) and Tamoxifen to loosen all those remaining fat in chest and harden the body.

my goal: 200LB of staggering lean muscle. Also, I want to write an article about my colorful story( i think it will reach to massive media)

Ok, Thanks for reading so far. Ive been browsing the chemone for a month now and forums on to consume this liquid chem. But there were no certain information.I know some of you anwser the question about this, but Im a newbie I need someone digest(breakdown)the instruction. Im desperate to get these products (clen, T3, Tamoxifen)

THank you in advance


imo, clen is nasty shit, cant stand it. and with the t3, save such compounds for losing the the last,stubborn layers of body fat. with prescribed gh+test you should be able to shed fat with ease, assuming proper diet, workout regimen is in order.if a stimulant is warranted i would recommend an e/c stack which is relatively easy to obtain and can provide excellent results. congrats on the life changes, sounds like you are moving in the right direction,make these suggestions b/c taking the fastest route isnt always your best bet, as far as your personal health is concerned. good luck on whatever you decide






And.....hows your diet?


Thank you very much. Im not trying to put everything in one just little by little. I dont intend to stack because of HGH

@rsg my diet is good and proper but you also have to remember Im 5'7 with a weight 240 thats an obesity scale and I do get hubger a lot


I think you should be more specific on your diet rather than "good and proper".
If you diet is as good as you think it is with the addition of prescribed GH and test thre should be no need for the other compounds.
Taking the clen and T3 is definately not reccomended for someone that is serverly overweight. The extra weight on your body is already hard enough on your heart.


There's no reason for you to use Tamoxifen, it is used to block estrogen and if you have an estrogen problem on the HRT you should use Anastrazole. Get your HRT down and work on learning about diet and lifting. You should lose plenty of fat that way. Much later you can use the fat burners.


Thanks for the response.
My diet? I guess to simplify it, my diet is less carbohydrate.Im eating balance diet, protein, vitamins, and fiber. Im also on bodybuilding and shadow boxing. The problem with having an illness is that your body transformation is slow. Within a year of using prescription of Test, I have gain only fraction of muscle and loss none of the fat. Also, Im not the type of obese that chain are hanging but just soft(no hardness on any particular of my body), Ive started bodybuilding since 12 but keep interupted of my disability and illness.

I want you folks to understand, Im no ignorant to steroid hazardous, that is why im asking if anyone have the appropriate dosage. And if the chem research are legitimate? We all use it to make us feel better and good right? I tell of you are lucky because most of you are born normal, but my case is different, I never know what to feel like being lean or being notice by a woman.

I guess I just have to research more by myself.

EDIT: Correction, I dont want to be lean, I want a freak body...And GH wont be available for me until feb 2008.Insurance thing


Sounds like your making a lot of excuses for yourself and trying to justify the need for all the additional compounds.
We all have gone though some shit in our lives, however I still have yet to turn into a fat 300lb man because of it.
Getting any compound you want will not turn you into a freak. Diet, training and your genetics will play the major role there. Work with what you can control first and then worry about the rest.


excuse, you barely know me.I just want to develop good body and life thats all. Stop pretending you are not using. The pro didnt get that big without juice. My genetics says thats it and I want to push more. Is it so hard to understand I just want everybody to share their experience dosage. I had 15 years experience of bodybuilding and knowledges of promoting natural hormone, burning fat, and even homebrew my own supplement. We got so much pretender here and yet the title of this forum is Testosterone-Nation.

Ok...Im a little cool off now..yeah, Ive been doing a lot of training and controlling my diet as well. Dont worry about anymore folks ill get my info and no matter what pretenders say I will do it...

Just to let everybody know:
Gym hours(3-4hrs)
House, Shadow boxing in morning(15-30)
Diet: More meat and less rice
Sweet: Sometimes when low blood sugar

Homebrew supplement:
Milk thistle
Whey Protein-less carbohydrates

store product
Fish Oil


Huh?! Who pretended they weren't using? Also, I've never heard of a pro who was soft and flabby and couldn't get his shit together before using AAS and then magically jumped on stage looking like a "freak."


First, where are you from? Your english is not easy to read.

Second, I want detail on the diet. I mean detail--a daily log on what specific foods you eat and at what specific times.


I think plenty of people would be willing to help you, but you are not easy to help. You didn't ask about steroids, you asked about a fat burner, a thyroid hormone, and an estrogen receptor blocker. I assumed the testosterone was taken care of by the HRT. Are you getting testostone shots or cream? If you are, you should not have problems losing fat and gaining muscle if you are in such bad shape to start with unless other medical problems are getting in the way.

Obesity is not really a disease, the hypogonadism and gyno should be taken care of, how is your cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Maybe not under control? Severe insulin resistance? Is that why you can't lose fat and gain muscle? Are there other health problems? Frankly you kind of sound like a troll or joke, but maybe you are just weird and interesting. Post as much information as you possibly can, don't be combative and maybe someone can straighten you out.


thank you people

@aragon, yes I will start my diet log today. and ill hand to this thread

@pretzel, that was a year ago preztel and i am perfectly normal now. Pass all my blood test. It even amaze me by what my diet can do. Last year my blood test for sugar was 8(there are certain level of blood sugar and 8 eight is consider diabetes)and six month after my diet-A big difference cause six is normal.

i dont use any med for any of those disease because i had encounter them with my homebrew supplements six months ago(Isnt crazy).But the reason I had all those disease because i had hypogonadism that wasnt diagnosed for 13 years. With a testosterone level of 24, my body is slowly rot each day. So doctor prescribe me only testosterone and no other medicine.

Again thanks, ill post my diet and wokout sheet in a couple of hours