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Help, Life After Scrawny 2 Brawny


i will be finishing up the "Scrawny2Brawny Challenge" this week and im trying to decide which program would be best to continue on with.

i have been training off and on for roughly 5 years, pretty much on for the last 2.5. i decided to give this program a try after reading a diary, if you will, of a memeber here (cant remember his name)to see if all this hype was true. and ill be the first to say that it is.

i made more gains in weight size and strength in the past 3-4 months, than i did in roughly 5 years. It just goes to show that Berardi and Mejia are geniuses and im a complete idiot, or the more polite term "un-educated"

The only "gripe" i have about all this is that i now spend more on food, and Biotest (Surge, Metabolic Drive) than i do on rent and my car each month...

(i didnt take a "pre" pics so it would be pointless to show "post" but i did take measurements, and keep stats if anyone is interested, i can post them)

so with that being said, im looking to find a program that can continue me on this path. ive researched the westside programs, ovt, programs by CT, CW, and Staley, but im not sure on which direction i should take.

im looking for peoples thoughts/ experiences with these programs, and any recommendations that the more experienced may have.



Todd, post those measurements buddy. I'm curious.

I haven't done the program, so my advice is general. What ever you do, don't neglect any aspect of your new base. Meaning, don't drop volume much, don't sacrifice intensity much, don't neglect any exercises that produced the results.

I guess the best thing is to move into a new program that doesn't let anything you have gained slip. I don't think you should ignore the results, or what produced them. Build on your new knowledge and adapt a program here to your needs based on your new knowledge.

Good luck,


What do you want to acieve next? Pure aesthetics? functinal strength? you have to be very specific


here are the measurements/stats pre, and post

weight 174-193
chest: 43"-45.5"
biceps: 14.875"-15.75"
thighs: 21.25"-23.5"
calves: 14.875"-15.75"
waist: 34"- 34.75"

bench: 250-265
back squat: 210x2- 365x2
front squat: 135x2-240x2
deadlift: 275x2-380x2

i showed better #s in my squats and DLs, because previous to starting this program i had a torn quad, and had constant lower back issues. the back issue have been a problem for years, until i finally started seeing a chiropractor back in sept.

this helped tremendously! i gained more strength and most importantly to me, confidence in trying to attempt these lifts without fear of re-injuring my back.

as far as my goals after this....im mainly focused on gaining mass and strength, im not really interested asthetic appeal... besides i live in wisconsin...you have a week maybe 2 of "no-shirt" weather.


I would strongly encourage you to design your own program!!!

I'm not trying to start a thread here. I just see so many people making posts about what program to do next or what programs they are doing now. All programs are generic. The best program is the one that you need to do to get your desired results.

If you are looking for a good 7 month program. I would rec. Ian Kings "Get back in shape series". good luck finding it.


I agree with MNGuns. Just lift the weights man!

Log your progress and eventually you will learn what works for you and what doesn't. This is much better than depending on programs written by others.


BTW, GREAT PROGRESS! Our best case studies have reported about 20-30lbs of weight gain in 12-16 weeks on the program, so you're right up there with the best gainers.

However, "just design your own program" is great advice -- ONLY IF you feel competent doing so at this point -- based on what you learned in the book as well as some of the great info here at T-Nation.

However, if you don't feel competent YET, email me and I'll be glad to help with your next phases or to at least point you to some great resources.



You can continue some of the programs, or maybe try something by Waterbury


i know from past experiences "different strokes for different folks" that there is no "best" program out there. everything is a trial and error. i was directing my original post to those that have completed the program and what they are doing currently or may have already done "post-challenge" i realize i should have been a little more descriptive, my apologizes.
its just that i lack confidence in my ability to possibly design my own program. (what exercises, what order, # of reps/sets, etc...)i just have to make the effort to do a bit of researching, and some trial and error!


If you aren't ready to design your own program yet, or want more ideas & to see what works, I've found this quite useful.



very helpful link :slight_smile:


As you may or may not know, we offer 12 more phases of S2B programs over at scrawnytobrawny.com - each building on the last phase - and they're only about $3 each.

If the first phases worked for you, Im confident that these phases will build on those and help you accomplish further progress.

Again, if you feel confident going it alone - not a problem.

But if you're looking for some further direction - we offer it - specific direction that helps you pick up right after phase 4 in the book.

If I can help further, let me know.