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Help, Levels Stuck at 300

Stuck around 300
My question is. Is there any way to lower your T levels before a blood test. This question may seem odd but here is why.

After repeated request to my Doctor she finally agreed to test my t levels. I was feeling lethargic, foggy in the head, lots of joint pain and muscle pain. Also I haven’t seen any muscle gains. I work out 4-5 days a week and incorporate cardio regularly. I recently had immunotherapy which destroyed my thyroid and led to weight gain. After regulating my thyroid and being off immunotherapy I still felt bad. Long story short my first test came back at 224 which is low. She refused to get me tested so I changed doctors. My next test 6 weeks later was at 312. I’m scheduled to get tested again in 5 weeks. I just don’t want to keep sitting right above 300 feeling miserable.


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The usual answers to this are to not sleep the night before, lots of sugar beforehand, etc. Feel like shit basically.

You could also inject T yourself long enough to shut down natural production then stop, that will certainly get you a very low blood test if nothing else will.


This is probably the worst case scenario for trying to get a legit doctor to prescribe trt. You have a few options in my opinion:

  1. Go to an anti-aging doctor and get really expensive treatment, approx. $200 per month give or take.

  2. Find a doctor who practices osteopathic medicine and also specializes in bioidentical hormone therapy. They usually have DO after their name instead of MD.

  3. Try to lower your T levels prior to the blood test. There are various ways of doing this.

Here are some options for lowering your testosterone:

3A. You can restrict your calories and over-train for about 6 weeks. I’m talking less than 1200 cals per day and more than 1.5 hrs of intense exercise daily, at least 6 days a week. This is going to be brutal, but I bet at your borderline levels it will work. Probably the safest option.

3B. SARMS. Easily purchased online, and not yet a scheduled substance so you won’t get in any trouble with the law. SARMS like ostarine will cause a partial shutdown of your HPTA if you take a high enough dose for a long enough period of time. These are research chemicals and you are taking a risk with your health that you need to be aware of.

3C. Injectable testosterone. Guaranteed to shut you down. You’ll probably have to purchase it illegally, so it comes with some risk. If you keep it to 100mg/wk for 6 weeks, it shouldn’t pose any health risks though. Wait a minimum of 10 days for it to clear your system after your last injection before your blood test. Just know that you are breaking the law.

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Drink a solution of 50 to 75g of sugar 1h before the blood draw. It will lower T levels by appr. 30% for about 2h.

When you shut your internal T production down with injectable T, then also LH and FSH will be 0. If your doc is smart enough he will realize that there is something fishy going on and dont prescribe TRT.

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I am only speaking of the route that I took. I was feeling all the symptoms of low t for years. I went with Defy. Got my blood work and was around 610 with a high SHBH in the 60’s I think it works for my first year with bloods, consults and scripts to cost around 89 dollars a month.

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Dont forget to drink a bottle of wine the night before the blood test.


The sugar study is interesting. Seems almost too easy. Definitely worth a try.

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Drink a shit ton of caffeine and grab the TV remote and keep the coffee coming.

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In reality insurance will refuse medical coverage at 300>. The least your doctor could do is be honest about things instead of insult your intelligence. They need to tell you your levels are low but insurance won’t approve treatment so that you don’t have a lack of concern because these are disease state levels.

You need to seek a private doctor in anti-aging and sports medicine or you can continue playing these games with your doctors as they lie to your face about levels being normal. You’re going to need more testing, TT isn’t enough, you need to test SHBG and FT levels because we have no idea how much of your testosterone is bioavailable.

Testosterone Threshold for Increased Cardiovascular Risk in Middle-Aged and Elderly Men:

The locally weighted regression showed that total testosterone levels of 440 and 480 ng/dL were associated with increased Framingham CVD risk and an increased probability of increased hsCRP, respectively. Men with sexual dysfunction (poor sexual performance, decreased morning erection, and loss of libido) had significantly greater CVD risk.

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If you need a doc that will prescribe you T at your current levels without having to do anything crazy then I can put you in touch with mine. My email is in bio. It’s $150/month and that includes T & syringes mailed to you. There are plenty a that will do the same so mine isn’t special but would be happy to put you in touch if you need it.

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Lucas, your complete name is included above.

I would not waste any more time with this doctor. Even if she would eventually agree to treat you, there is practically zero chance you will be properly dosed.

So I posted this as an update my last test came back at 289 and all I did was eat Burger King the night before and drink a Mountain Dew before the test. But after my dr. Going over our plan 100 a week with injections she came back with this. First a little back story had cancer last year did immunotherapy which completely destroyed my thyroid and had me gain 40 lbs. through all this I’ve kept up with my workout and cardio as well. My diet is high in protein and good. Fast food is something I generally never eat. I am 5’9” at 260 large build. After hitting the gym hard for 7 months I am stagnant at that weight. Once the thyroid levels got right I initially lost 18 lbs. but since then nothing. That’s what led me among other symptoms to get my T checked. So to the point here is my Doctors response.

Find a new doc. End of discussion. Almost no one ever finds out why their levels are low, and even if they do, treatment is the same regardless.

Calling those levels slightly sub optimal is a joke


I agree I actually have switched drs. Twice now I know I can go online and get treated but my insurance won’t pay. Have an appt in two weeks with another dr. Male this time hopefully he’ll understand. Seems like Ohio is a hard place to find good drs.

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I have one question. If you want to get low t results to be covered by ensurance in the USA can you not do it by using exogenous T before that and stop, or they test for it?

In my country they do not test because it is too expensive so you can do this scheme :smiley: But it is not worthy one ampule testosterone 250mg costs 1.5 dollars and national insurance will not cover almost any tests

Thanks for the heads up

You could from what I read most doctors don’t check for that. Most insurance won’t cover you unless you’re under 300.

Yes but If you are on TRT and use cypionate and stop it cold turkey for 2-3 weeks won’t you easy test under 300? This is easy cheat for people who are on private TRT and want to get it covered by your National Health System whatever it is called I know since Obama Care it has become very communist like :smiley:

We got nothing like this really. We got some insurance reform (they were doing super shady stuff like dropping people’s coverage when they got sick after they paid in their whole life) and they got forced to cover some things but it’s def not national healthcare or anything like that. Hormones aren’t really easy to get covered by insurance unless you’re insanely low and get a good doc or want a sex change.

No, it hasn’t at all. They just required some things that should have been required all along, and the government subsidizes the payment for low income. It didn’t really change much of anything, and bears no resemblance at all to socialized medicine as used everywhere else in the Western world. Fox news would try to convince you it’s all a Communist scheme to make the USA Socialist, but they’re full of crap 150% of the time. And taking Test without a scrip in the US is a felony, same as using heroin or crack. It’s not over the counter there at all.