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Help Leveling out Total Test

I have been on TRT for about 16 months, for the past 2 months I have been taking 50mg twice a week, no HCG, no AI. Here are my numbers.

This is on a sunday at noon, I inject Monday morning/Thursday night
Total Test 1,269 (300-870ng/dl) VA numbers, which is my problem
Free Test 24.1 (7-36ng/dl)
Estrogen 32 (7-42pg/ml)
PSA 0.8 ng/ml (went up from 0.7)
SHBG 54 nmol/L (11-70)

My CBC was fine, my H/H and RBC were comparable to my pre TRT numbers, nowhere close to the top.

My issue is, I have a lab draw on the 18th of this month for the VA, and their top limit for TT is 870.

I planned on injecting 30mg this Thursday, and then 35 on Monday and 35 on the Thursday before the test (which is Monday before my shot) to try and bring my level down and balance out around 800 total test and keep it in that range. I would love to stay in the 1000 range but Its just not possible with my provider.

Should I lower my dose even more? I’m just concerned having my TT being over 870 for my lab draw. Trying to get an idea of how fast TT lowers if anyone has any experience. I know the high SHBG hyper inflates it

Sounds like you know what to attempt.

Your E2 is a bit high relative to what I recommend and your SHBG may be a bit elevated from that as well which also increase non-bioavailable SHBG+T that then increases TT while eroding FT.

A VA cut off at 870 may be achievable by doing labs 7 days after a weekly injection that is probably more typical of what VA has their guys doing.

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I’m so use to doing two shots a week now, it would probably be easier for me to adjust that way. But I know what you are saying, and may consider that in the future.

Yes, my e2 was causing some very minor acne, oily skin on forehead. Lack of morning wood, soft erections. But it wasn’t severe, I was going to treat it with a little DIM (worked for me in past) but after I saw the numbers, I figure if I lowered my dose, my e2 will lower into the high 20’s. It was 25 pre TRT. Should be good. Lose some more weight, and use DIM or CDG if I have to.

Seeing that my numbers get where they do on 100 a week injected twice weekly, do you think its feasible to inject 100mg once a week and get down to 870 in a weeks time before the next injection?

There would be a shift in that direction. But uncertain results.

Reducing T dose by a factor of 870/1269 would also work if done well enough in advance. Not much fun at all…