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Help Learning How to Cut (Switching from Powerlifting to Bodybuilding)

My names Mike and having been training for about 11 years, mostly sports, powerlifting, tried bodybuilding but didnt really enjoy it at first. 6’3ft 276lbs trying to drop down to 225 i am currently at 190lbs lean. I know its not super easy to do but I would really like to keep as much muscle mass as I can. Thank you!

Looking for diet help to get more of an understanding, I know how to drop down to the weight. I just like expanding my knowledge so fire away!

I think the vertical diet is a pretty good starting point for someone coming from eating whatever.

The prep for most meals is basically throwing rice, bone broth, meat and some veggies into a rice cooker.

I agree with @strongmangoals vertical diet is pretty great. It makes things super simple and can be sustainable for a while. I have had great results with it

The vertical diet isn’t bad, but it isn’t necessary for people who don’t need to eat a ton of food and don’t have digestive issues. There are much cheaper e-books available with all the latest information, the Renaissance Diet 2.0 and Muscle and Strength Nutrition Pyramid (whatever the right name is by Eric Helms) are about as good as it can get. But basically a quick summary is aim to lose 1-2lbs per week (not more or you will lose more muscle) and keep protein high, like 1-1.4g per pound of bodyweight.

Also, you would probably get more responses in the nutrition forum. I think most people around here eat cheeseburgers all day.

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I’m not going to say one diet is better than another. But what worked for me was going low carb for like 6 months and abstaining from alcohol. I went from getting a little soft at 235 down to a low of 182 pretty lean. I did the vertical diet for a bit to gain and liked it. Easy to stick to and enjoyable. The bottom line is whatever u decide have a plan and stick with it over the course of months.

When you say 190lbs lean… I assume your estimated lean body weight based off of your current tested body fat %?

Yes it is

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Do one of these for training…

At 276 personally I would just eat clean/mainly fresh meat and veg/cut out all junk etc and hit the gym very hard with the above templates. You can get the next say 30lb-50lbs off pretty fast without having to restrict calories.

Anyway ,if want diet plan, this good…

I wouldn’t worry about losing muscle. With 190lbs lean mass at 225 you’d be 15.5% body fat. Totally achievable. Just stay strong and focus on losing the fat.