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Help Leaning Out


Hey everybody, I really need some advice on leaning out. I've been trying to lean out for who knows how long, since I've only caught a glimpse of my abs (the top 2...) once in high school when I was playing basketball. After many misguided bulking attempts where I gained just as much body fat as muscle I have been desperately trying to lean the frack out.

I've been on the paleo diet for 5 months, and haven't seen much progress. I mean I even cut out nuts, fruits, and protein shakes, thinking they might be causing some problems. I also tried calorie deficits (only eating 2000 calories, then 1800 but nothing worked). I've tried going to a biosignature practitioner and he recommended a lot of supplements which did nothing.

Right now I'm trying out the German Body Comp while eating real foods, still on paleo. After workouts I eat a sweet potato, but on non training days stick to a low carb diet with carbs only coming from veggies. I know it's a long post, but would appreciate any help. Please help!

btw I am 5'11'',175 lbs, and 18% bf, I would really like to be sub 10% and stay there but I don't know what's keeping me from losing fat...

I also attached my biosig stats if it will be of any help. Thank you for any advice!


Typical eating day?


post diet and training as detailed as possible




Yeah, when people claim nothing works...the problem is usually the half assed way they lift.


^ Yep.

Post your diet, training, and any other relevant info about what you have been doing.




If getting lean is your #1 priority, and you're really willing to stick with it, do a ketogenic diet.

They work. They are not ideal if you are engaging in competitive sports, or are looking to make size and strength gains... they are super effective for getting rid of fat.

Do it, get to where you want. Then keep doing it a while longer.


Dude, this guy is carrying less lean body mass than the average woman but you want him to DIET????

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He said he wants to get lean.

He said nothing about wanting to get big.


Then he can just quit eating so much. Being skinny is easy.


I want to get rid of the extra fat in the stomach area before I go on a bulking phase. I know relative to you guys my lean body mass is pathetic but I'd like to show some abdominal muscles first. I tried the whole keto thing but saw no results, I'm just getting frustrated as hell. Ok, so I'll use yesterday as an example of a typical eating day:
Breakfast: a cup of bone broth, 6 oz of chicken breast, a cup of lettuce
Lunch: Cobb salad w/o dressing
PWO Meal: Purple sweet potato, grass fed beef stir fry with broccoli
Dinner: 4 oz of lean pork, 4 oz of lean beef, a cup of lettuce, 2 tbsp of tomato salsa
Snack: 1-2 oz of nuts, goat yogurt

Non training days I just take out the sweet potato and nuts just to be safe.

And my training consists of Poliquin's German Body Comp for now which you can find here http://www.charlespoliquin.com/ArticlesMultimedia/Articles/Article/291/German_Body_Comp_for_Athletes.aspx

Thanks for the replies!


and with this you are at 1800-2000 calories?




LOL at "pt walks in saying his leg hurts while completely ignoring the bullet in his head"

"Oh well, let's just worry about the leg since that's what you asked about".

That is why people with less training and experience should give out less advice.


At 18% bf, you do not have "extra fat" around the stomach. You have fat all over.

You are eating below maintenance and I can guarantee you are not lifting heavy (heavy for you). Eat more. Lift heavier. And stop worrying about small stuff. You want to look good nakid? Get some mass first.


No, that's about 2500. Ditched the caloric deficit after 2 months.


you will look emaciated if you try and diet down from 175 to "see abs." Unless you're 5'4'', the best thing you could do is stick to some compound exercises, eat a lot of calorie dense food, and look to add weight to the bar. I guarantee that will do more for your physique than any diet right now will.

Remember, you need to have mass before you can actually look good at a lean level.


lol. ok buddy.