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Help - Lasting ED from Tren Use?

So if i take 500 test + 300 tren e, sex drive is very close to zero after 3 weeks no matter what dose of caber I take (tried taking as high as 1 mg ed). I have run tren e twice for 4 week periods each, first time at 400, most recently at 300. First time time sex drive was back on about 2 weeks after while cruising, full swing at 4 wreks. And this time it is almost 4 weeks after last tren injection and my sex drive is almost completely gone. Cannot get hard!
On 250 test cyp, taking 125mg 2x/wk.
Noticed I had nipple discharge if I squeeze a week or so ago so I started taking caber, which I got from a pretty trusted source. Nipple discharge has really not stopped for some reason even if I mess around with 12.5 mg exemestane and cabergoline 1-1.5mg in a day. (My e2 is not crashed, I can tell)

25 year old male

If you have any tips I really appreciate it, I am a bit frightened that I may have fucked up my sex drive for a long time. Not sure if it would be nerve danage, adrenal damage or the prolactin. Can lactation last a long time even if prolactin is normal?
Thinking about getting blood work to see prolactin and cortisol. Test levels are usually right around 1100 and e2 is at like 35 if I am cruising like I am.

I think you have high prolactin. Nipple discharge is due to prolactin. You can ask in TRT forum, there someone might help.

Lower your test dose to 100 mg a week. Give it 10 days and report back. Should handle the issue. Oh wait you are off everything now. You didn’t use anything nearly long enough to make lasting changes to anything. Just give your body time to recover

Get blood work done. E2 could be lower than you realize, but prolactin is def giving you issues as well.