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Help - John Berardi

I will soon be presenting an Advanced Exercise & Work Physiology lecture to my peers on diet (as part of our assessment) and was hoping John or someone could give me some good research on protein. Point me in the right direction so to speak.

The Protein Conspiracy was a great article and is pretty much on track concept wise with what I want to say on protein.

I wont be lazy and expect you lot to do all my research, I will definitely be on the search engines tomorrow (its late here) but anything that will give me about 5 short sharp peer reviewed references should help me rebut any dogma.

Like it or not I will be some kind of representative and I hope to make a positive case and as there are one or two very abrasive and opinionated members of my course I wish to come across in a warm helpful manner and sound like I “know my shit” By goal is that most of the more driven people in the course who will be successful people in the future will go out and be able to read a different viewpoint thanks to my lecture presentation. The lecturer is a great bloke and is very open minded. A definite plus.

In any case I’ll let you know how it goes. I might even learn something :slight_smile:


Also I would be interested in any EFA research or information. We have an hour to play with in the lecture so you cant have too much info to discuss and distribute.

Well you could read the research that JB sites in his articles for a start. Or you could go on medline and do a search yourself. These things might help
:slight_smile: groove

The Protein Prejudice was the article I was referring to, Sorry!

You must be new here. Berardi doesn’t really answer personal posts, if he’s even here at all.

You didn’t read my post at all did you?

If fats are to be part of your lecture, go to Udo Erasmus’ website. He has lots of helpful info on good fats.

I would first like to mention that O’shea has been around awhile, and is quite knowledgeable.

Try going to PubMed’s site- http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/PubMed/
Type in “dietary protein requirements”.
You could also search google for Dr. Peter Lemon, but you may have already procured all of the good Doctor’s research you need from JB’s article.

I just heard a buzzer, that must mean my dialysis machine is ready. I ate 4 chicken breast at once causing sudden renal failure. Must be all that protein. Or was it the ephedrine?

My apologies. I saw the title of your post and read the first paragraph up to the point where you said you were hoping John blah blah blah, and then I replied.

I’m a jackass.

Thanks guys!!! So much work, and these damn search engines, I hate em!!! Ill make it worth your time when the lecture comes up and I have the floor.

You too Marc?, that can of tuna has me peeing red :slight_smile: Time 4 my steak?

Molestra :), love your work Zev!