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Help Japan with WinStrong Bracelets


This site has livestrong type bracelets called 'WinStrong' that say "WINNING!" on them and they are donating a $1 from each sale to Japan earthquake relief.


Thought it was pretty funny and a cool way to help Japan


Heh, that's a pretty clever idea, but I dunno about only $1 going to the charity.


4:1 overhead cost for a donation?


of course. a coke habit isnt gonna pay for itself


Or you could go to:


Or you could go to:


Or you could text asia to 30333 to make a $5 donation to the Canadian Red Cross who will send that money to help with this crisis.

Please note that the Canadian Red Cross has less than 8% overhead on donations and in this case every penny will be used for this particular disaster.

But I might be biased because I work for the CRC.


They should have said BI-WINNING


can I just buy one of those boxes for myself?


if people really want to help they should follow one of these links and donate money like a normal person instead of wearing some douchey charlie sheen rip off bracelet.


I was thinking the same thing. Dont get me wrong,I like charlie and all but hes the last person I'd donate my hard earned cash to.


That site isnt affiliated with charlie sheen, they probably thought of the bracelets and decided to donate $1 after the shit in Japan and yeah I dont think this a replacement for an actual donation.


completely agree. however if it had been a douchey charlie sheen rip off cock ring.....


Like a box full of Wining bracelets?