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Help is needed

I’m desperatly looking for an empty androsol bottle. If I were to order a full one there is risk the custom will send it back to the place I’ve ordered it from. I would lose all my money that way, when it’s international orders companys dont have any “moneyback guarantee” Can anyone help me out?

Hmmm, you need an empty Androsol bottle? let’s see if I can sneak a web address
past our moderator… if you contact Ed
at hbsupplements on the web – an
address you can guess – and explain your
situation I’d think he can fix you up and
no doubt charge you less than full price.
There’s a lot to be said for dealing with
small companies where you deal straight
with the owner – they can help you out
on things where bigger outfits would just
tell you no, we don’t do that.

By the way, if you want the empty bottle
to use for Finasol, you really ought to
stack it with a Class II anyway, either
Dianabol, Anadrol, Androsol, or Nandrosol
(I am not kidding, stacked with trenbolone
the gains are the same for the topicals as
for the orals) and/or Winstrol anyhow.
Fina by itself is not the best choice.

Ok thanks. I’ll stack it with dianabol then. Another thing: Would it be ok with only one bottle if I had androsol(with the androsol still in it).

If you go to a decent sized drugstore, you can probably find suitable spray bottles for very cheap. The advantage of the Androsol bottle is that it is A) calibrated, and B) produces a fine mist. So if buy a different bottle, try to get one that has a fine mist, and calibrate it yourself by spraying out a given amount of water (200 mL, for example) and finding the amount per spray.

Bill - I appologize if this question has been asked before but when using Finasol, do you need to also use Clomid or another anti-estrogen? Thanks for all the good advice.

There’s no need to use Clomid when using Finasol or any trenbolone preparation, since trenbolone doesn’t aromatize and there are no gyno problems (despite a couple of inaccurate
reports saying there are.) There are benefits
though with regard to your blood lipid profile,
possibly mood, and possibly with regard to its ability to reduce exercise-induced muscle damage.

On the other question: Having 4-AD from Androsol as part of the Finasol mixture poses no problems.

What about hairloss w/ finasol???