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Help Introduce Friend to This Site


I've been telling a friend of mine about this site, and when I just saw him in the gym again, I asked if he visited here yet.

He told me he forgot the name of the site (I know, T-Nation isn't that hard to remember) and he wants me to email it to him.

I don't want to just email the website, since there's so much info here I didn't want him to get overloaded and leave without seeing what this place is realy about.

I'm definitley sending him Chad's articles ABBH I & II since my friend has seen me doing these programs in the gym and doesn't seem to understand the concept of them yet.

What other articles would you send someone to show what this place is all about?

He's about 5'9" and he just dieted down to 185-190. He gets to around 220 at his highest without getting overly fat, and he has competed once in a natural BB comp, but he still has never squatted or deadlifted.

Any articles specifically showing how important compound excersizes are will help a lot.

I already know of a few I want to send him, but I'm looking for other's suggestions too.



Vroom's beginner thread... copy those to a microsoft word doc. and then send it to him that way.

1-easier for him to absorb
2-can look at it if he doesn't have net access
3-eliminates weird newbie posts (jk)


good points. Plus I think he'd be insulted that I sent him the the "begginer" thread and probably wouldn't read it due to his ego/pride.

I also don't want to sent too much info at him all at once since he might see tons of info, and choose not to read it.

I'll try what you said, but I'll send them seperate, with a day or so between them.

It would be pretty cool to get the majority of the guys I know at the gym to read articles on this site. I'd get less weird looks, and people shaking their heads when I do 10 sets of an excersize, or when I get "you still had at least one more rep, why'd you quit?" remarks.

That covered a lot of good articles, I almost forgot about that thread (it should be a sticky).

Any more?


Aside from all of the great workout and dieting articles, I know of one that i feel really exemplifies the attitude of T-Nation: TC's "Merry Christmas Bob". I have a copy of it printed out and hung in my room just to remind myself of why I love doing this.


Ahh yes, great article!

I just read that 2 days ago for the first time after seeing it recomended.

I was also just thinking about it when I was out on my father's porch with my brother-in-law drinking and talking about PL meets and steroids.

They laughed at me when I made a bunch of eggs and cheese at the end of the night 'cause it's been about 3 hours since I ate last and I still have to log on to my online college. They'll never understand, but I still want to show them that article.

My friend will understand everything about that article though, and that just might get him hooked on this site.



Good deal trying to intoduce T-Nation to your friend.

Personally, I think Chris Shugart's "The Essential Berardi" is a good introduction to learning the nutritional side of things. It's not so overwhelming, but still packed with solid info.

But I guess I'm a bit biased since I really love all the nutrition stuff.

You could also send him TC's "I'm not a man; I'm dynamite".

And of course, if he needs a fire lit under his ass, just send him one of Chris' blogs. :wink:


The spreadsheet with Chad Waterbury's routines. Has great links to great workouts


Sort of off topic, but...

My ex was talking to me online the other day and asked about something she could take to help get in shape and to help with her workouts. I immediately suggested Fahrenheit. She said "Ya, that's what I was thinking of." I was shocked. I guess she saw the commercial, looked it up online, and had dated me long enough to recognize the website as being affiliated with T-Nation. I then pointed her to Christane's articles, and she read them. Awesomeness.

A good girl, eh? Too bad she got away...