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Help Interpreting Test Results


I'm an 18 year old male.

Total T: 19.9 nmol/L / 573.49 ng/dL

Prolactin: 11.0 µg/L

(Various other results like TSH were shown but I'm not sure if these have an effect on T levels.)

I asked the doctor to run a testosterone test but he did not test free T or estradiol. (He said that if estrogen levels were high T levels would be low so there was no point in testing female hormones.)

I've read that free T is around 5% of total T, is this true?

I'm having trouble finding a reliable normal range (They seem to vary quite a bit) for my age group using Google, can you guys help?


Please post the lab ranges that typically are part of the lab report. You numbers are in units that will be unfamiliar to most here.