Help Interpreting Results, Doc Suggested TRT

I’m 39 years, very active (lighting and cardio), decent diet but I do cheat some. My bodyfat is around 19%.

I noticed the last year or so my libido has been down although no performance problems. I’m noticed for several years, keeping the weight down has become harder and harder. Hence, went and saw the doc and had my blood drawn.

LDL 162 (high)
HDL 61 (good)
Total Cholesterol 255 (high)
Triglycerides 158 (high)
TSH .78 (level seems good)
total testosterone 213 (low, although this was an afternoon test after a fasting all day)
SHBG: 14 (normal range but almost at the bottom of the range and what I read this is low)
Free testosterone: 54 (normal but towards bottom of range)
Percent free testosterone: 2.5 (normal range)
Blood pressure good

I am going to work on getting the LDL and triglycerides down, strict diet and consistent exercise. Doc wants to retest the testosterone in one month and first thing in the morning. She wants me to cut weight, cut saturated fats, add fiber)
She suggested the possibility of TRT. I’m now supplementing D3, adding fiber and considering low dose DHEA.

I’ve read that low SHBG can be problematic for TRT. Perhaps I’m overthinking this and just have to take the test first thing in the morning this time, but I do know my libido has been decreasing and burning fat has become more difficult, and maintaining muscle mass more difficult.

TRT will decrease SHBG even more, you’re already below the cutoff point for TRT being effective, you better hope your receptors are sensitive. Also your high cholesterol and high triglyceride can contribute to your symptoms and can cause erectile dysfunction down the road if something isn’t done to correct it.