Help Interpreting My Lab Results

Hello all, new here. I am a 22 year old male, I’m 5’10 and 155 pounds. Had tons of hormonal issues my life, started puberty very early at 7, called precocious puberty. I was done and fully grown with facial hair by the time I was in 6th grade. had 2 testicular torsions, varicocele, ect. My current endo thinks that nothing is wrong with me and that I am completely fine. I wanted to post some of my labs below and see what you all think… I’ve got about 6-7 sets of labs floating around and they all are about the same #'s wise, this isn’t a freak 1 time lab result.

My family history includes pituitary tumors with my aunt, same with grandma. Two of my uncles have been on TRT since 24 and 25, my mom and sisters have both have hashimoto’s and other thyroid diseases. If I remember correctly I got blood work back for a pituitary or adrenal panel and it came back normal, can’t remember… this was about a year ago.

My symptoms:

-I’m always tired.
-ZERO sex drive
-No morning erections ever
-Severe ED, if I try to have sex I can go for a few minutes and can’t get it up or go completely soft halfway through.
-Pretty bad Paranoia and anxiety
-Very bad mood swings and depression
-Hard time staying motivated and focused
-Gaining weight and fat, I workout and eat a extremely clean diet and see very little progress.
-Started getting gynecomastia when I was 18 years old. Have hard lumps under my nipples.

The endo I had now told me I’m just stressed and sarcastically said I needed viagra… He says he will only treat symptoms and not lab #'s, even though my labs are all wacky. The only thing he did to treat is give me Arimidex and Tamoxifen, had me take that for 3 months and then get my labs done right after. This makes zero sense to me as what’s the point of taking medication to alter blood work and then get labs done after and immediately stop medication. These labs are not with those meds included, that’s his next step. Just to clarify.

I am on ZERO SSRI’s/meds, I do not drink alcohol, do not use drugs, and I sleep 7-9 hours per night… I worked with a functional medicine doctor since I was 15 as well, I’ve done every detox, I eat little sugar, lower carb, drink a gallon of water per day, avoid all processed foods, gluten and dairy free, ZERO soy products, use all natural shampoos and body soaps not containing estrogens, I use all glass tupperware and stainless steel water bottles. I take fish oil, detox with milk thistle and dandelion root, all the essential vitamins, and inject a b-12 and folate combo from my compounding pharmacy twice a week. (Doctor said I don’t absorb oral well and I need this to keep my blood levels OK). I only weight 155, however I I lessen up on the diet and eat as I please, I’ll shoot up to over 210… I gain very easily

I know the testosterone looks high I’m just not sure how to interpret these labs, would a high SHBG possibly affect this? Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you all. -Caden.

Free Testosterone 13.9 (range 9.3-26.5)

Testosterone, Serum 803.

FSH 2.3 (range 1.5-12.4)

LH 4.7 (range 1.7-8.6)

Sex Horm Binding Glob, HIGH 87.2. (range 16.5-55.9)

DHEA, HIGH 999. (range 37-701) …this one is at lab limit for measure, could be higher.

DHEA-sulfate, 457. (range 164-530.5)

Estrone, HIGH 85. (range 15-65)

Estrone sulfate, 56 (no range).

Prolactin, HIGH 18.8. (range 4-15.2)

Estradiol, 26.5 (range 7.6-42.6)

Androstenedione, HIGH 264. (range 27-152)

Pregnenolone, HIGH 236. (no range for this)

Reverse T3, HIGH 25.4. (range 9.2-24.1)

T-4, free HIGH 1.97 (range 0.82-1.77)

Thyroxine Binding Globulin LOW 11, (range 13-39)

TSH: 3.62. (range 0.45-4.50)

Your TT is high, SHBG very high and FT is low for someone your age. The high SHBG is binding up your active T which is why FT is on the lower end.

You take any guy who is on TRT and drop his FT levels equal to yours and the outcome will be very similar. I also wonder what testing method was used to measure the FT.

You’re more than likely going to have to seek treatment outside of the sickcare system and pay out of pocket if you can’t find a knowledgeable hormone doctor.

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Hi, for the Free Testosterone testing method it says it is a LC/MS-M. (liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry). I got them done through labcorp…

How would someone my age seek treatment outside of the healthcare system for a doctor? I’m assuming most doctors will blow off someone my age because of how ‘young’ I am.

Then FT is accurate.

Yes there’s the age which is a big factor for being blown off and the fact your hormones are all over the place and don’t think your doctor knows what to do about it.

I can recommend some doctors outside of your provider (out of pocket) that will know what action to take, but more than likely will require some traveling.

Dr. Mark L Gordon, Dr. Rob Kominiarek and Dr. Eric Serrano are all exceptional hormone doctors.

Pretty sure Tamoxifen will not help lower this. Your e2 isn’t low so no need for the anastrozole either. Your PRL is high too.

If this were me I’d take boron and P5P (B6) for a month or two and retest labs. Where are you located?

I’ve never taken boron or b6, and located in Texas.