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Help Interpreting my Cruise Blood Work

Hello brothers!

I had 20 weeks blast everything went perfect now cruising on 200 test/w and can’t afford a coach to check bloods with me. Been cruising for more than 2 months already and planning on starting another blast asap but my bloods don’t look that good imo.

Would love to hear your advice on how to get everything back in place and how bad do you think they look? Will keep posting my bloods this may help someone someday.

I have a post with my pre cycle bloods natty.

Correct me if I’m wrong but you took Test and EQ correct? Hormones are indicitive of a highish TRT/cruise dose so that seems correct as do the elevated RBC etc etc etc related levels from EQ.

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You’re correct. All the way through the 20 weeks I was on EQ and Test at first started with 250 test 200 EQ then pushed it up to 600 Test 500 EQ everything went Great, made a crazy transformation so thought about doing a show and its gonna be in April so I have to start blasting soon… its my first cruise blood test and Im really not sure if there something to be super worried about or not.

I don’t see anything on there that would alarm me. HDL is pretty low. Otherwise it all looks like what you’d expect given the blast you ran.

Thanks a lot for your input! already getting good fish oils and niacin (would you suggest anything else?), hope everything will be fine soon because I can’t wait for the prep to start…