Help Interpreting Labs. Liver and Cholesterol

Hey everyone! Wondering about some labs. Doc says cholesterol is high and bilirubin also. I recently moved so I am with a new doc. Previous doc never mentioned either. Unsure of how to interpret liver panel as well as cholesterol given HDL and ratio of hdl to ldl. Have been on TRT for 10 years but did go up to 500mg for a few months about 4 years ago. Currently using <200mg/week. I take fish oil and NAC

I did a hard workout 24 hours before testing.

Albumin 5.0 ref 3.5-5.2
Globulin 2.3 ref 1.7-3.7
Ratio 2.2
Gfr 116 ref >60
Bilirubin total 1.4 ref <1.2
Alk phos 62 ref 40-156
Ast 32 ref <40
Alt 32 ref <41

Cholesterol total 210 ref <200
HDL chol direct 73 ref >40
Triglycerides 76 ref <150
Ldl 122 ref <100
Non hdl cholesterol 137 ref <130
Chol/hdl ratio 2.9 ref <7.4
Ldl/hdl ratio 1.7 ref <356

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks very much.

AST and ALT can be elevated after a hard workout.

I am also dealing with increased bilirubin. Have been on TRT about 2 years. My RBC is not high though.

Have abused drugs and alcohol in the past. Still drink occasionally.

Had a bad month where I drank a lot, used NSAIDs and benzos occasionally, I think it may reflect that abuse.