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Help Interpreting Bloodwork

Hey there, just received the results back from balancemyhormones. I’m 21 and have had a lot of symptoms which pointed towards low T, looking at these results they seem to confirm it. I only have a very basic understanding though so would be great to get a deeper explanation of these results.

Testosterone is low and SHBG midrange is making your situation worse as SHBG scavengers sex hormones, estrogen is also low because Free T is low. These aren’t your biggest problems though, it’s the doctors in your country who really don’t know how to do HRT very well let alone properly diagnose you.

Getting properly diagnosed and treated are going to be your biggest issues. Ethanate 40-50mg twice weekly or Sustanon 1-2 times a week will be best. Nebido is very unpopular and not very effective, many complain about it. Doctors love it because it makes them money for administering it hence why the doctors talk so highly about it.

Calculated Free T isn’t the same as directly measure Free T, so Free T Direct may show lower Free T than calculated. Having free androgen index test tells me the competency of your doctor, it’s an obsolete test and only those a lagging behind would test for it.

Planning to bypass the NHS and continue private through balancemyhormones, surely they will know what they are doing right?

Smart move as the going through the NHS is very similar to going through the VA in the US, a nightmare. You just made your life easier.

There’s also The Men’s Health Clinic is Dorset.

Hi, I’ve been on TRT for a while now and seem to have definitely noticed improvements. I have been on it for about 3 months and just had my first checkup blood test. This is the results, I’m not too good at interpreting it but maybe it means that my testosterone level is only about 400 because most of the testosterone is staying in my blood and not getting converted or something?

That doesn’t seem right, Total T is 2818 ng/dL and Free T 3x times the ranges!

You don’t mention your protocol, did you inject the entire vial?

Hi, I put one squirt of this cream on my scrotum in the morning and before bed, I take an anastrazole tablet every week, half on Saturday morning and half on Tuesday night

I’m worried now, how can it be that high… is there anything bad which can or might have already happened to me because of this?

T cream may not be for you, you seem to be very sensitive to it and dosing it right may be a challenge unless the dose can be significantly lowered. It’s amazing 100mg/10% cream got you as high as it did, I’m kind of sitting here wondering if this is real. It’s unbelievable.

There are men who don’t respond to cream at all, you are the other side of the coin.

Is it dangerous, it’s hard to say really, it would be for me.

Ok thanks, I have a meeting with Michael Kocsis on Monday to discuss my results, is there anything specifically I should mention or ask?