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Help Interpreting Bloodwork + PCT Advice


Hey all,

I just went and saw my endocrinologist today, who gave me the results of a blood test I had done a month ago. To put everything into a timeline:

3.5 months ago I finished my first cycle (500mg/week test enanthate for 12 weeks). 2.5 months ago I finished standard PCT (40/40/20/20 Nolva, using a research chem product). 1 month ago I had blood drawn for this test i.e. this blood was taken 6 weeks after the completion of my PCT. The results of my bloodwork are as follows:

LH: 0.2 U/L (1.7-8.6)
FSH: 0.1 IU/L (1.5-12.4)

Testosterone 0.4 nmol/L (10.0-28.0)
SHBG 54 nmlol/L (15-48)

Hb 176 g/L (130-175)
Platelets 113 (150-450)

I was surprised to say the least, as I had fully expected my HPA to be recovered seeing as how I had run a 'textbook' PCT. What makes things even more bizarre is that the only symptom of low test that I had experienced was some lower libido, and even that I only realised in retrospect. I didnt experience any significant weight loss or tiredness.

My best guess as to why my PCT failed is because I didnt take enough nolva / run it for long enough. Would it be reasonable to assume that my research chem product was underdosed (I recently saw Brook mention this kind of thing in another post, which gave me this idea)?

Following on from this, I would really like to know people's ideas on how to approach my next PCT. I was thinking combining nolva and clomid (40/40/20/20 and 100/100/50/50 or something like that). Or maybe I would be better off running my PCT for longer e.g. 6 weeks.

Any and all ideas are appreciated :slight_smile:

PS. If anyone can suggest a reason that is related to gear as to why my platelets are so low that would be awesome too because I really have no idea and hope I dont have some other serious issue :stuck_out_tongue:


PCT only aids the recovery of your HPTA, it not a "fix’. Your situation is perfectly normal. Looks like you have gear induced hypogonadism, primary and secondary. If can take 6 months (or more) to recover to normal levels. At least you still feel pretty good. I would do routine blood test from now on (once a month). I am not an endo doctor, but I think maybe you can do a month of HCG combined with Clomid.


I would be pretty interested in Estrogen/Prolactin levels personally.


Did you use hCG during your cycle or post-cycle?

A low platelet count has many possible causes and it’s asking a bit much for any answers here. It certainly may have nothing to do with your AAS use. I’m not even sure what the unit of measure is in your case, but your values aren’t out of range by a huge amount (ie. an order of magnitude or more) so you can probably rule out some of the scarier causes (CA etc…)

Get everything in order long before delving into your next cycle. When the time comes that you feel ready, for peace of mind I’d recommend using a pharm-grade SERM. Five weeks probably isn’t a bad idea, either.

Best of luck with your recovery and please keep us updated.


I personally think that aromasin + Toremiphene/tamoxifen is the best combination for PCT. That along with an intelligent cycle length of course.


Thanks for the replies guys

Mephistopheles - you make me feel far less worried about my lack of recovery, ta

WTMN - No I didnt use any HCG during/post cycle. And I agree that I would be better off with a pharm grade SERM for my next PCT, run for longer, thanks