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Help Interpreting Bloodwork? Free T Reference Range?

Long story short: 24 years old. I’ve got quite a few symptoms of hypogonadism. Went to a doc and got blood drawn. The test results came in today, and are as follows:

(Note: I’m yet to discuss these results with my doctor, and I’d like to have some semblence of understanding these results before I speak with him)

LH: 4.9 mIU/mL
Ref: 1.2-8.6

FSH: 3.8 mIU/mL
Ref: 1.3-19.3

Total Test: 539 nG/dL

Free Test: 23.9 pG/mL
Ref Range: 3.8-34.2

SBHG: 28.20 nmol/L
ref: 13.8-89.5

So the reference ranges for everything other than free testosterone are pretty consistent with the references ranges I found online.

The free testosterone reference range is what I find confusing. The reason is that within the provided reference range, my free test levels are normal. However, the reference range on my test is wildly different from what I found on mayo clinic (the low end of normal was 50pg/ml on their website).

So, here’s what I’d like help figuring out.

  1. Why would the reference range for free testosterone be so different from the reference ranges found literally everywhere else?

  2. Should I disregard the provided reference range and compare my blood 23.8 pg/ml to the reference ranges I’d find elsewhere (e.g. mayo clinic)?

  3. In y’all’s un-professional/professional opinion, do my rest results indicate low free testosterone?

Thanks in advance!

Different testing methodology.

No, although some testing methods are more reliable than others.

No, but that does not mean you do not address your symptoms of hypogonadism. The solution may or may not include testosterone.

It’s unlikely your symptoms are related to low-T, my advice look elsewhere for the cause of your symptoms.

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Easiest to just use TT and SHBG to calculate FT