Help - Injured Shoulder, What Do I Do?

Good morning Tnationers, hoping I can tap into the collective experience of this forum and get some good advice. The short of it-I crashed hard on my mountain bike 10 days ago in Moab on my favorite trail hauling ass. No dislocation, but I think I Sublaxated a bit, feels unstable in certain positions, and has reduced my arm into being a worthless appendage. Ortho consult next week to see what I really did, but in short, my training has come to a grinding halt.

I have been on a calorie surplus for the last couple months trying to put on a bit of muscle doing a boringish but big hybrid I put together (yaya, I know, follow the effing program haha :-), while riding my mountain bike 2 days a week (I race downhill type events) and doing rowing interval sprints for conditioning, plus some bowl skating which is just hella fun and good for the soul. I have been having a lot of fun training lately, and am super bummed about getting hurt.

The way I see it, maybe this is a good opportunity to drop any fat I accumulated recently. I have a beach trip mid-june (houseboat on Lake Powell), so thinking it would be nice to at least look lean if I can’t wakeboard and waterski. I’d like to try to maintain any muscle I may have put on lately however.

The good news, as I see it: my legs still work fine, and I am probably due to take a bit of a break from squatting anyway (looking at the bright side here). Since the injury, I have been hitting focusing on 2-3 days a week of bodyweight leg work (squats, bulgarian split squats and lunges) and walking on the treadmill and going at a moderate pace on the stairclimber, and the dog is stoked on getting more walks in the evening. Keeping it sane and not going anaerobic at all while I heal, and above all protecting the shoulder while it heals. Excited to get going on some kind of PT after I meet with the doc next week.

Diet wise I have cleaned shit up. No beer, no sweets or junk. Really trying to focus on protein intake, limiting carbs at dinner time (I workout at lunch everyday).

Any thoughts? Am I on the right track here?

Thank you for reading this lengthy post. Needed to get all this out.


Its possible you could have separated your shoulder, torn a rotator cuff tendon or another tendon. Your ortho will do x-rays and probably an MRI. He will also test your resistance strength in a variety of positions. If you need surgery, your arm will be immobilized for 6 weeks. You’re not really going to be able to do much of anything in the gym once they put you in a sling. You’re going have trouble just dressing and feeding yourself. PT will be dependent on your insurance but can last anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks.

I’ve had rotator cuff repairs on both shoulders. I’d be careful about making lots of plans until you know the extent of your injury.