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Help. Injection Has F****d My Leg Up

I had the same issues a few weeks ago. In both quads. My right leg was first and it took about 7/8 days for the intense pain to go away. Which happened to be the same day I injected again in the left leg. It too took 7/8 days for the intense pain to go away.

The next injection in my right leg, I measured one full hand down from my waist/belly (sitting on a chair naturally) and injected there and in the outer (top) part of the quad. Went in smoothly and no pain whatsoever. So, I recommend trying that, no PIP or the intense pain I felt the previous two weeks.

Also, not that this will help, unless you want to move the injection site… I read on another form and I witnessed it myself… the harder it is to inject the oil in, the more it’s going to hurt. If it goes in easily, the less it will hurt. My previous two injections, with a 1" 25G needle, it took what seemed to be a long time to go in. (About halfway down the quad on top (the thicket meaty part.))

When I measured down as I explained earlier, it went in easily and what seemed to be about 10-15 seconds compared to what seems 25-30 seconds. Your mileage may very but I’d try it.

EDIT: My first injection was 500mg (2cc of Enanthate 250) in the right leg and my second injection was 250mg (1cc of Enanthate 250) in the left leg. Using the same exact vial of Enanthate, I had no issues once I measured it a hands width down from my waist/belly.

Cheers mate. Been pinning my glutes instead but may have to change it up because I’m having difficulty reaching round to my left glute. Every time I pin my left glute my left hand is shaking like f**k and it just ends up bleeding :-1:t3:

I love pinning quads. That’s all I do is alternate quads. Keep in mind that I only have two injections a week. It is a good idea to have more sites if you aren’t giving them about a week in between. The first two weeks of my first cycle the pip was terrible but after that they barely get sore, so I think your body acclimates to it. Glad I stuck it out because they are very easy to pin. Other tips people have mentioned work very well too. Heat up the vial with hot water, take a hot shower pre pin, and massage the area after word. Also make sure you are using the right needle and hitting the right spot. It should be the upper outer part of your quad. There are instructional videos on the interwebs. I use a 25 gauge 1 inch needle. I have found that works best for me and would not recommend anything under 1 inch for intramuscular unless you a super duper lean. Oh a little trick also is to buy syringes with a 21 gauge needle to draw the test out of the vial and then switch to the 25 gauge needle to pin.

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Thanks for the advice mate… I started doing glutes instead and I’m 7 weeks into my first ever cycle, loving it now.
The pain in my leg after that quad injection literally felt like I was going to end up being paralysed it was horrible

This just happened to me… 300mg/ml and I only do .45ml twice a week. I pinned on a Mon with no pain and very little blood… Wed a little sore, Thurs worse and moved down toward knee… Hard to bend without pain… Friday was really bad had a 102 degree fever & leg hurt like hell to move and was pretty swollen above the knee… I almost went to the ER, but just kept popping 800mg of Ibuprofen & icing… I broke the fever Saturday & it started to heal slowly.

It’s still healing now, but the muscle is really abnormally tight when I try to stretch my quads… This monday will be two weeks since the injection.

I’ve been alternating quads for at least a year…this just started happening… It happened once before without swelling or fever… just really sore 3 days after injection… wthell???

I’ve always used 27g .5 without any problem… I barely have any fat on my legs. I’m pretty sure I got into my muscle or my muscle wouldn’t be all screwed up & sore.

I read somewhere that maybe I hit my IT band? Or maybe the test cyp 300mg wasn’t warm enough and crystalized in my leg?? or I’m allergic to something in it all of the sudden?

Hey guys,

I know this is an old forum but I need some help. I pinned my left quad on Monday (10th) with 500mg Test E and then trained legs about 1 hour later everything was fine but few days on my leg and knee have swollen. The quad is slightly hard with some bruising too but no high temperature and don’t feel unwell. This is the first time I’ve pinned my left quad did the right one the time before and no problem. Theres also no pain around the injection site but I’ve got a bit of discomfort on my inner thigh towards my groin. Any suggestions ?