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Help. Injection Has F****d My Leg Up

Just joined T Nation because I thought it would be a good place to seek help. Basically, I’m on my first cycle and I had my first jab on Monday. I’ve jabbed far too low into my quad and it’s literally left me paralysed this week, it feels as if a horse has kicked me in my leg and crippled me.
It started off with a dead leg feeling but it’s worsened and spread from the mid section of my quad down to right above my knee.
Anyone have any experience or clues as to what has happened?!

Advice would be really appreciated :+1:t3:

Let’s start with the basics. What drug were you using and how much did you pin and with what type of needle and syringe?

Any other symptoms besides pain?

Test 400 and I started off with 1ml… I used a 2ml plastipak syringe and 0.6 X 25mm needle. Other symptoms include swelling and that’s about it. Can’t really bend my knee that much without a ripping feeling in the quad, and the pain has also went from the mid section of my quad to above the knee.
Thanks for replying mate… A bit shaken atm!

Test 400 that’s your problem probably high BA content as well. Ice and ibuprofen my friend. Things will get better. Also .6??? Use alteast 1inch for legs and delts. 1.5 for glutes

Ross_Alan is right… your test conc is super high and crystallizes in the muscle before it is absorbed. first of all, put it in the deepest part of your quad, secondly, massage the shit out of your muscle after the injection and third, try heating the oil by placing the vial is a small glass with about 1/2" of very hot water in it. Do this before your shower, then pin. it should flow nicely and help with dispersion. Make sure you keep a “sterile field” at all times. You can also try a 1 inch 23 gauge needle. it works well

Thanks a lot guys. I will take everything you’ve said on board, i wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemy! One last thing would I be better off pinning my glute next time? Thanks so much

as others have said, the high mg content is likely the biggest problem.

I use the same length pin as you, never have a problem. But I’m also VERY lean. If you’re not lean enough, you need a longer pin. Most people use 1 inch.

Sometimes quad pins hurt. Every now and then, I’ll have pain for several days, as long as a week even. That’s just how they go. Delt pins usually feel fine to me, but they tend to bleed a bit, and sometimes a little oil gets out. Quad pins are cleaner. I’ve never done glutes. Think about it this way: if you DO happen to get this much pain again, do you really want it to be where you sit everyday? Didn’t think so.

Thanks mate. So on my next jab I should perhaps half the dosage? I’m not that lean at the min either. Just hoping it clears up before next week because this week has been so sh*tty.

my leg goes like this every time I pin my quads regardless of gear or pin, so I just don’t pin my quad. A mate of mine’s the same way.

It’s a bitch because quads are the easiest place to pin by far.

My quads don’t like anything in them.
I did test 400 on my first cycle, with similar problems. I’m betting your high mg/ml mix of test has ethyl oleate in it. Its used to keep the high concentration in solution.Some people are allegic to it, and it will create swelling and soreness and the feeling that your leg doesn’t want to bend.

I could inject glutes and delts. I still got post injection pain, but it was more bearable(still felt bruised but movement was okay).
I always injected after a workout.
That being said I don’t go anywhere near test 400 now, much less painful to inject normal 200-250mg Test without any ethyl oleate several times a week to get a the overall mg in.

When it happened to you how long did it take to recover? I’ve had it from Tuesday up until now and there’s no sign of it going just yet :-1:t3:

Happens to me with blends, UGL, pharma, etc. I’ve used big pins, small pins, slin pins. All of it just leaves my leg in agony

About a week. Feels like my leg’s been hit by a car.

I joined today to seek advice also. I did my first pin 9 days ago. The first 24-36 hours were no problem. Then, it started getting really sore. swelling, and it is warm to the touch. I’m kinda freaked out. I pinned my glute. I used Test Ethanate 300mg/ml. .5 ml 1 1/2 in needle. On day 9, it is finally starting to feel better, but still swollen and warm. I am hoping it continues to improve. I welcome any advice.

I’ll try my delt next week and if the same happens I’ll just leave the stuff alone. The actual injection was fine it didn’t hurt one bit, the numbness did start straight after but I thought it was just one of those things. My quad kind of twitched when it went in as well, quite weird. Anyway, it’s not worth it when you have to take the day off work because of it.

it’s not the dosage, it’s the concentration that’s the problem. Not enough oil per mg of gear. So no matter what dose you pin with test 400, it could be a problem.

If you’re not lean, that’s also an issue. Quads carry a decent amount of fat, so it’s very likely that with such a short pin, you didn’t even pin the muscle. I’ve done subcutaneous injections, and they can hurt like a bitch, even with very low concentration gear. That may be a bigger problem than the test 400 itself. get longer pins, or pin somewhere you don’t have much fat.

Also, the quad twitch is normal. I get that a lot while inserting the pin. It’s annoying but it’s not a problem.

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Going off your advice my delts would be more suitable to pin. Since I last posted on here, there’s A LOT of redness in the area that’s been effected. Pain has kind of eased so I’m guessing it’s a good sign!

Sounds like the ratio of BA in Test is slightly off.
I once had this. The muscle pain and stiffness 4-5 days after injection, redness around the site and slight swelling. The pain was a BITCH!
I tried heating the test, massaging… everything didnt help that much…
No point running a cycle with crappy gear that makes your time on so bad. If you cant fix the issue about it, best to ditch the gear :confused:

Yeah I’m having second thoughts to be honest. Maybe a different steroid would be better, though.
Don’t know if to risk it one more time but in my deltoid?

I managed to get through the cycle by mixing it with other gear I was using and cutting it into smaller dosages, 3 jabs a week for test-e! The pain was somewhat bare able… Would just ditch the gear if it happened again tho

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